CAST Imaging expands use of generative AI to speed up application modernization

NEW YORK and PARIS, June 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CAST, the global leader in software intelligence, has announced the latest release of CAST Imaging, including a new and intuitive generative AI-powered (genAI) chatbot and new visualization functionalities that significantly enhance the platform's capabilities to simplify and accelerate understanding and documenting complex software systems.

Building on last year’s capabilities that enable users to click on any element of the auto-generated software blueprint and receive a full-text explanation, the latest release further expands its genAI functionality, making it even easier for users to explore, comprehend, and document large software systems. Key additions of the release include:

CAST Imaging Assistant: This new genAI-powered assistant allows users to query their applications using natural language and receive text-based answers that can be visualized in graph format making it less daunting for new users to delve into the inner workings of their applications, providing an intuitive, interactive experience.

Transaction Visualization: Users can now obtain instant explanation of the elements comprising and end-to-end transaction, and also view the entire cross-technology call graph representing the transaction – from an interface layer element (e.g., a webpage) to the data storage layer (e.g., a SQL table), significantly accelerating and simplifying understanding and documenting complex software.

CAST Imaging Assistant screenshot

Screenshot of CAST Imaging Assistant

“This is a major step forward in our mission to help technologists navigate and master complex software applications,” said CAST Imaging Vice President Luc Perard. “The enhanced genAI capabilities and new features make it easier than ever for users to gain deep insights into their applications, speeding up discovery, maintenance, and modernization efforts.”

The newest release also enhances the capability to view an application at different detail levels, from individual code or data elements to higher levels that aggregate similar elements together to facilitate application understanding. With the new release, dependencies between aggregated elements are shown as arrows of different widths and colors, visually representing how tightly or loosely coupled they are.

CAST Imaging, known as the MRI for software, automatically understands how a software application works and visually maps its tens of thousands of code elements and all their relationships into a living knowledge base of the internal architecture. By reverse-engineering the source code and data structures into detailed, interactive maps of its internal architecture, it empowers technologists to see in minutes what otherwise takes months to find, enabling them to modernize and refactor twice as fast, ramp up newcomers 20-30% faster, and markedly increase ADM productivity.

CAST software intelligence products can be purchased directly from CAST or through partners, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. CAST also offers flexible plans for central departments that use CAST Imaging to support multiple projects and teams. For more information on CAST Imaging, visit

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