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LightSolver Selected by Airbus and BMW Group as a Finalist in Quantum Computing Challenge
01 juil. 2024 08h25 HE | LIGHTSOLVER LTD
TEL AVIV, Israel, July 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LightSolver, creator of a new laser-based computing paradigm, today announced its selection as a finalist for the Airbus and BMW Group Quantum...
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InfinityQ Unveils Innovative Quantum-Inspired Research at 2024 Optimization Days Conference
08 mai 2024 09h00 HE | InfinityQ Technology Inc.
InfinityQ Technology presented research on clustering, portfolio optimization, and job shop scheduling at the 2024 Optimization Days Conference.
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LightSolver LPU100 Laser Computing System Empowers Enterprises to Solve the Toughest Optimization Problems
19 mars 2024 08h00 HE | LIGHTSOLVER LTD
LightSolver launches the LPU100 via the cloud to solve the toughest optimization problems, challenging the processing times of quantum and supercomputers.
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Unleashing TitanQ: Revolutionizing Problem-Solving with Quantum-Inspired Computing
22 févr. 2024 09h53 HE | infinityQ Technology Inc.
Introducing TitanQ: Quantum-Inspired Platform Revolutionizes Problem-Solving in Optimization. Faster, Greener, and Accessible to Businesses
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Bigger, Faster, Greener: InfinityQ Builds the World’s Largest Functioning Ising Machine Offering the Fastest Quantum-Inspired Optimization Solutions Ready for Industry Applications, Today
01 nov. 2023 13h00 HE | infinityQ Technology Inc.
BIGGER. FASTER. GREENER InfinityQ Technology Offers the Fastest Optimization Solutions. Ready for Industry Applications. Today. Book Your Demo Now!
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Canadian Start-Up Making Waves in Quantum-Inspired Technology
27 juin 2023 11h00 HE | infinityQ Technology Inc.
MONTREAL, June 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For the past decade the world has looked to quantum computing to make the next great leap forward. But, while the science is exciting, classic quantum...
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LightSolver All-Laser Technology Poised to Outperform and Outpace Quantum and Classical HPC
09 mai 2023 08h00 HE | LIGHTSOLVER LTD
Proprietary Pure Laser-based Processing Unit (LPU) Crushes the Competition in Early Trials;First Products Entering the Market TEL AVIV, Israel, May 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Israeli start-up...