Fletcher & Faraday Inc. Continues Coverage On Several Companies

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NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2000.(PRIMEZONE) -- The following is being issued by Fletcher and Faraday, a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers, CRD number 29769: Fletcher and Faraday (Broker Dealer -- Member NASD).

WorldBestBuy.com, owned and operated by International Brands Inc., (OTCBB:INBR). We are continuing coverage with a BUY rating. We believe the entry of WorldBestBuy.com into the NASCAR and Indy 500 sponsorship program is an extremely potent, cost-effective means to further brand the WorldBestBuy.com site into the consciousness of the American public.

Sycamore Networks (Nasdaq:SCMR) We are continuing coverage with a BUY rating. The Chelmsford, Mass., company makes hardware and software for optical networks that can be put on top of existing systems to enhance performance. Competing directly with Nortel and Lucent, Sycamore has already signed a four-year, $400 million deal with Williams Communications, and more deals are believed to be on the way.

Tellabs, Inc. (Nasdaq:TLAB) We are continuing coverage with a BUY rating. Tellabs, Inc. is helping service providers build and migrate to the new public network, a multi-protocol, multi-service network that integrates data, voice and video. The company provides solutions that help service providers differentiate their services in a world where high-speed packet and cell-based switching and access (both wired and wireless) will be pervasive. The network of the future likely won't be composed of any one technology, predicts Michael Birck, President, CEO and founder of Tellabs. Instead "it will make dramatic use of optical networking strategies, intelligence will be distributed through the network and the ability to efficiently manage all forms of traffic will be crucial," says the Tellabs CEO. The company's efforts have paid of so far: Tellabs has been ranked by some as one the best performing stocks of the S&P 500, with a three year return of 240%. The company reported revenues of $2 billion in 1999, but Birck says he hopes to grow that number to $6 billion by 2003.

3Com Corp. (Nasdaq:COMS) We are continuing coverage with a BUY rating. 3Com Corp. has been a leader of Digital Revolution for 20 years. Today, 3Com is building on it's success to lead the way in home networking, broadband, wireless and voice technologies all with the goal of helping people and organizations easily share information and ideas. 3Com has global reach, with 13,000 employees on six continents. With 6 billions in sales and more than 300 million customer connections world-wide, 3Com is poised to deliver the next wave of connectivity by creating networks, devices, and services that will allow people access their world in a whole new way.

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