PrimeZone Introduces Reg FD Disclosure Package

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 4, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) -- PrimeZone Media Network, an innovative leader in news release distribution and investor relations Web site development, today announced the launch of a new product to help publicly traded companies and investor relations agencies meet the extensive requirements set forth by the Securities and Exchange Commission's regulations on Fair Disclosure (Reg FD).

PrimeZone's Reg FD product helps satisfy the SEC's requirements through a single provider, rather than three or four vendors. PrimeZone's new product includes a Disclosure Report, which tracks activities related to the Reg FD requirements and prepares reports on these actions in an online presentation.

Reg FD, effective October 23 of this year, requires companies to offer financial information simultaneously to analysts, shareholders and the general public. Because this new rule requires companies to provide extensive sources for all financial news releases, many companies have found the process daunting.

"We know that Reg FD introduces some new problems for IR professionals," said Tom Madden, CEO of PrimeZone. "We have developed our Reg FD package after listening to what our clients said they needed. This presents a one-stop vehicle for companies and agencies to satisfy their SEC requirements."

"Our new Reg FD Disclosure Report assembles a record of all the notification activities in one online document. In this manner, IR professionals can easily track all distributions related to their press releases, including notification via wire, fax, email and through the company's Web site," said Madden. "It also documents the number of listeners to a company's Webcast or conference call."

PrimeZone's Reg FD package includes:

-Wire service transmission of news releases to all disclosure points,
general and financial media, as well as financial online services,
databases and Web sites
-Delivery to more than 750,000 analysts, portfolio managers, institutional
investors, brokers and individual investors
-Broadcast fax and email delivery to clients' customized lists
-HTML presentation of broadcast emails
-Live Webcasting of conference calls and meetings
-Telephone conference call scheduling
-Slide show presentations
-Design and maintenance of company Web pages
-Exclusive Disclosure Report documenting all distribution activity

"We now have a one-stop solution. It is time-consuming and costly for most companies to seek out four or five vendors to help with these new Reg FD requirements. We feel we have it all in one place," said Madden. "We also know our new Disclosure Report will provide an easy record for companies to show and document their notification activities."

PrimeZone Media Network is the nation's most innovative national wire service specializing in the distribution of full-text news releases. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and innovative products and services, PrimeZone provides the highest level of customer service and efficiency at the lowest cost. News releases are transmitted electronically, via satellite and other means, to the general and financial media, databases and online services. Companies can use PrimeZone to help gain disclosure, reach trade media and broadcast fax or email their news to individual audiences.

Founded by industry veterans, PrimeZone has one simple business mission: the timely delivery of news and information to the nation's news and financial media, using the most advanced technology available, at the lowest price. PrimeZone's serves some of the nation's top companies with a turnkey approach to managing their investor relations Web sites.


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