Just in Time for National Forest Products Week: T.A.P. Insulation Offers Pest Control Benefits to Those Interested in 'Green' Building Techniques

Braselton, Georgia, UNITED STATES

HOMER, Ga., Oct. 16, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Thermal, Acoustical, Pest control: T.A.P. insulation is a revolutionary new product that brings benefits in all three of these categories to homeowners and builders. It not only helps retain heat and block sound, it provides built in pest control, a benefit no other insulation products offer today.

T.A.P. features a patented process that merges two environmentally friendly technologies: natural cellulose insulation, and natural borate-based pesticides.

This month, National Forest Products Week (observed October 15th-21st) is putting the spotlight on cellulose insulation. Forests provide paper for newsprint, which can then be recycled to provide cellulose fibers for insulation, keeping tons of discarded paper out of landfills. Many homeowners and builders don't realize that cellulose insulation is an eco-conscious choice that offers many benefits over fiberglass:

 -- Like all building materials, T.A.P. must comply with federal
    fire-resistance standards -- the product is specially treated
    to give it superior fire-retardant properties. Independent
    research done at the National Research Council Canada shows
    that homes built with cellulose insulation are more fire
    resistant than homes with either fiberglass or no insulation
    at all.

 -- Because it's denser and can be packed more snugly around pipes
    and joists, T.A.P. doesn't allow the leaks, drafts, and air
    pockets that fiberglass does. This means a T.A.P.-insulated
    home can use between 20 percent and 40 percent less energy
    than a fiberglass-insulated home, even when products of
    similar R-values are used.

 -- T.A.P. blocks sound more effectively than fiberglass, helping
    to create a peaceful haven inside the home. A laboratory rating
    called STC (sound transmission class) is used to measure
    sound-deadening ability -- the higher the number; the more
    sound is muffled. While fiberglass insulation achieves an STC
    rating of 39 in walls, cellulose ranks at 44 (an empty wall
    can range from 15 to 35).

 -- T.A.P. effectively prevents insect infestation in walls and
    attics and is effective against ants, cockroaches, termites,
    silverfish, and other pests. It contains boric acid, a naturally
    occurring mineral that's approved for use around people and
    pets. T.A.P. is EPA-labeled to kill ants, roaches, termites,
    and many other crawling insects that come in contact with it.


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