IMPAXTM Clinical Applications from Agfa HealthCare now available for sale in North America

Agfa HealthCare's new solutions make Radiologists better informed, more productive
Mortsel, Belgium / Greenville, SC (U.S.) - May 15, 2008 - 9:00 a.m. EST
Agfa HealthCare, a leading provider of IT-enabled clinical workflow and diagnostic imaging solutions, announces today that its IMPAXTM Clinical Applications offering is now available in the United States.  Delivering point-of-care access to such applications as Registration-Fusion, X-Ray Angio Analysis[1], and OrthoGon(TM) advanced orthopedic measurement tools, Agfa Healthcare's series of new modules are designed to help radiologists become more informed and, as a result, more productive.
IMPAX Clinical Applications offers a tighter and more reliable integration in Agfa HealthCare's PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) than what is typically available with third party integrations. With IMPAX Clinical Applications, healthcare providers can focus on the patient instead of on interoperability concerns.
IMPAX Clinical Applications builds on the already proven and industry-leading IMPAX PACS platform and brings several advanced clinical applications into the single IMPAX desktop. The advantages include a single log on, a single solution and Agfa HealthCare's industry-leading service and support. The applications allow radiologists and other clinicians to perform complex image processing without having to go to a specialized workstation. This conveniently puts information that radiologists need in one place.
"Healthcare providers have been feeling the pressure to provide higher quality, faster service, better outcomes and increased customer satisfaction. Advanced workflow IT solutions such as IMPAX Clinical Applications integrate into their environments to help them reach those goals," said Lenny Reznik, Director of Enterprise Image and Information Systems, Agfa HealthCare. "Because of this tight integration, radiologists become more efficient."
Among the applications to which Agfa's IMPAX Clinical Applications offers point-of-care access are:
  •          Registration-Fusion -- providing the reading Radiologist with an automated, easy-to-use set of tools for comparing the various images they get from disparate sources. Comparisons are accomplished in a completely automated application with a single click  of the mouse;
  •          X-Ray Angio Analysis -- a comprehensive package for reviewing vendor-independent DICOM X-Ray Angio (XA) and RadioFluroscopy (RF) diagnostic images in the radiology domain; also performs digital subtractions and quantitative analysis of lesions and morphologies, and stores results in IMPAX;
  •          OrthoGon(TM) -- an advanced measurement tool for Orthopedists, Pediatricians and Radiologists that automatically compares results, reduces measurement variability, produces complete, high-quality reports, and saves unaltered images and measurement values in the PACS archive.

  • [1] The IMPAX X-Ray Angio Analysis solution is comprised of the following components: IMPAX and the QAngio XA component. The QAngio XA component is manufactured by Medis Medical Imaging Systems BV ( The Medis component is intended, as part of the Agfa IMPAX X-Ray Angio Analysis solution, for peripheral arteries only.