Breath Torn Away by September 11th -- A New Literary Collection of Fascinating Proportions

E. FALMOUTH, Mass., July 6, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As an American, William E. Dickinson watched with disbelief as terror arrived from the skies on September 11. As a poet, he took an emotional journey as the tragic story unfolded. In his new poetry collection, Breath Torn Away by Sept. 11th, he writes beautifully crafted poems dedicated to every soul affected by the 9/11 tragedy. A special thought is given to those who died, the heroes, the survivors, the families, and the people left with terror at the door.

Breath Torn Away by Sept 11th celebrates the human spirit and how it weathered the tragedy. It is, at the same time, a poetic chronology of 9/11 depicting the elements of a Greek tragedy but on the level of actual human experience. "The book zeroes in on the day itself but, even more, it tells the story of the people towering above this tragedy-people helping strangers and friends as dust and fear permeated the clear blue sky above," says Dickinson, an accomplished poet and a descendant of Emily Dickinson.

About the Author

William E. Dickinson was born a short drive from Amherst, Massachusetts, his ancestor Emily Dickinson's birthplace. Dickinson's writing started after a fall in 1988. His writing includes over a thousand poems, a few songs, a short story, and the novels The Wisdom Seeker, Strictly Academic with Deadly Intent, and Forbidden City.

Dickinson has several nominations for Poet of the Year. The emotional events such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the New York City Twin Towers catastrophe affected him deeply. Empathy for all victims is the soul of this book of poems about these tragic events called Breath Torn Away by Sept. 11th.

         Breath Torn Away by Sept. 11th * By William E. Dickinson
                  Publication Date: June 27, 2002
       Trade Paperback; $17.84; 108 pages; 978-1-4010-5439-7

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