Discover the Secrets in Dealing With the Difficult and Dangerous -- New Book Presents a Comprehensive Guide in Overcoming Complex Personalities

LAS VEGAS, July 6, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When confronted by the presence of difficult people, it is hard for us to maintain our energy and enthusiasm. "It is easy to react to negativity with negativity," shares author Shirley Hancen in her new insightful book. In Overcoming The Powering of Difficult and Dangerous, released through Xlibris, she points out that to be able to create an attitude that cannot be penetrated by difficult people would be an answer in dealing with them.

Difficult people suffer from problems as a result of their own unresolved history. Since they cannot change the past, they carry their issues into their present-day relationships. They can hurt people and at times have the power to destroy them. They have the need to feel superior. They use others to elevate their egos. We meet these people every day. Sometimes they merely annoy us, and sometimes they threaten us. If an authority figure has this ego problem, our security can be threatened. Contact with a difficult person or several difficult people every day can cause emotional damage -- if we allow it. A combination of psychology, philosophy, and theology, Overcoming The Powering of Difficult and Dangerous articulates why the ultimate goal of man's life should be the pursuit of peace. With a peaceful spirit, feelings of anger, rage, shame, and envy can be replaced with wisdom, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness. Competitiveness can be replaced with self-acceptance, humility, and self-respect.

In this stimulating book, Hancen identified ten personalities to study. Seven are difficult, and three are dangerous. Overcoming The Powering of Difficult and Dangerous attempts to help readers to stop, step back, and evaluate the behavior of these people. If someone chooses to inflate their ego at someone's expense, the reader will learn not to react to them but choose a positive response that will deflate their ability to abuse.

Overcoming The Powering of Difficult and Dangerous will be featured in the Association of School Librarians National Book Fair in Charlotte, North Carolina, on November 5-8, 2009. For more information, log on to

       Overcoming The Powering Of Difficult And Dangerous
                     * by Shirley Hancen
                Publication Date: July 3, 2009
     Trade Paperback; $19.99; 108 pages; 978-1-4415-3529-0
      Cloth Hardback; $29.99; 108 pages; 978-1-4415-3530-6

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