Newsforce and quadrantONE Partner to Help Brands Reach National Network of Regional News Audiences With Storytelling Media

Newsforce Automated Advertorial Platform to Provide Incremental Revenue Streams for 500+ Newspaper and Broadcast News Websites

SAN DIEGO, March 8, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an ongoing crusade to reinvent the category of branded content commonly referred to as "advertorial," Newsforce announces important partnerships that will help advertisers influence nearly every US community through trusted local news media.

quadrantONE, the largest digital news advertising platform in the US, will enable its hundreds of sites to carry the Newsforce "storytelling media" creative units. This creates promotional opportunities for brands and local businesses to feature their stories on popular local and national news sites. Participating sites feature the unique Newsforce units, which are labeled as sponsored content, in premium positions alongside editorial news.

Andy Ellenthal, CEO of quadrantONE, says "Newsforce sparks creativity with brands who want to build a highly visible storyline in trusted news channels. This approach opens doors to client categories that don't typically buy display advertising, such as legal, political and even the PR branch of consumer brands."

quadrantONE's sophisticated targeting capabilities mean that organizations can selectively promote branded news content to demographic and behavioral audience segments, even down to political profiles and lifestyle data. Because of the unique position of News as trusted information providers, and because news readers are in article-reading mode when engaging with online news, an advertorial model that promotes high quality content is well aligned to the needs of both advertisers and publishers.

 "News publishers are looking for incremental revenue," said Vince Bianco, CEO of Newsforce, "and many forward-thinking publishers are experimenting with different types of branded content and audience engagement on behalf of their advertisers. Advertorial has long been part of print revenue, so the demand from advertisers is very much there."

Newsforce is exclusive to news publishers, which helps drive revenues for traditional newspapers and broadcast companies, which are competing for online advertising dollars. The Newsforce platform is licensed and white labeled by newspaper, broadcast and vertical news publishers, who offer it to advertisers as a complement to banner campaigns. One of the primary advantages of the system is that publishers may set their own prices for advertisers, rather than being subjected to downward pricing pressures from ad networks and remnant auction models.

About Newsforce

Newsforce, Inc. invented a revenue engine software platform which automates serving and management of advertorial / sponsored content across premium national and regional online news publishers. Its publishing and sales partners represent over 500 premium news sites in the US. Newsforce is also a provider of search engine optimization tools specifically for article and press release SEO, including an optimization wizard and News Search Ranking Reports. Newsforce is a privately held company. More information at

About quadrantONE

quadrantONE is a joint venture of four major media companies that focuses on premium advertisers seeking high-quality audiences and national reach. Backed by Tribune Company, Gannett Co. Inc., Hearst Corporation and The New York Times Company, quadrantONE offers exclusive ad inventory on premium news and information sites across the nation's top local markets. For the first time, advertisers can consistently deliver their brand and message on a country-wide scale in context with local relevancy in environments they know and that consumers trust. More information at


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