Twelvefold Announces Self-Service Programmatic Marketing Platform for Brands, Agencies and Trading Desks

Spectrum Uniquely Derives Consumer Mindset without Cookies

San Francisco, CA, Oct. 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Twelvefold, a big data platform company that offers programmatic buying via unique, real time mindset analysis, today launched a self-service version of their ad tech platform, Spectrum 3.0. The new release allows brands, agencies, trading desks and other companies to create, deliver and optimize advertising campaigns in real time and at the page level--without the use of cookies.

Twelvefold is the only platform company that has successfully derived mindset from content, negating the use of cookies to target audiences. Spectrum provides this insight thanks to patent pending linguistic algorithms and a proprietary index of relevant content, which allows brands to capture intent at the moment of consumption on the Web or mobile Web.

"Big data is seductive, and it must be practical in its deployment to be effective. We created the Spectrum platform to enable brands to focus solely on what a person is interested in at the current moment by understanding content at the page level and in real time," said Dave Hills, CEO of Twelvefold.  "Brands, buyers and other Spectrum users can manage and optimize their campaigns, and we also offer complete transparency - you see exactly where your ads are going and how they are doing, in real time. These features ensure the best campaign results and return."

Spectrum is 100% transparent so brands always know where their ads are running before they run. It was also built toward an exchange environment to take advantage of real time, impression level decisioning.

Spectrum 3.0 builds on Twelvefold's foundation of algorithms, delivery and optimization with the following features:

●      A self-serve campaign management interface that lets trading desks, clients and other ad targeting companies control every aspect of Spectrum's powerful platform

●      Industry first forecasting which drives from both the creation and consumption of content at the impression level

●      Advanced analytics to help brands better understand the trending topics that are most important to their campaigns and brands

●      The ability to score pages over time through proprietary scoring and ranking algorithms, which ensure campaigns run in the most important and vibrant topics

In addition to the self-serve platform, Twelvefold will continue to deliver managed services to brands. The company fulfills the industry's need for all three types of service levels: spot campaigns, always on, and self-service.

Originally launched as an internal tool in November 2011, the Spectrum technology has been used to help top agencies and hundreds of major brands successfully reach unique audiences at the page level. Customers include Samsung, Chrysler, General Mills, Kroger, Intel and Charles Schwab.

Twelvefold is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. For more information, visit:, and


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