Nish Tech, Inc. Releases First Accelerator of Its Kind, Connecting Sitecore ® and Insite Software

Best In Class Experience Platform Provider Sitecore and Leading B2B eCommerce Provider Insite Software Now Have a New Accelerator Product to Drastically Reduce Development and Site Launch Time

CINCINNATI, Sept. 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nish Tech, Inc., a leading Enterprise Technology Digital Agency has released SAFIC (Sitecore Accelerator Framework for Insite Commerce).  This Accelerator product provides an enhanced B2B eCommerce experience by integration between two separate .NET platforms, Sitecore Experience Platform and Insite Commerce. 

Nish Tech, a Sitecore eCommerce Specialization Partner, has been providing development solutions for both Sitecore and Insite Commerce for over 5 years.  As a Gold Partner of both software platform providers, Nish Tech created the original connector between Sitecore and Insite Commerce and has used their experience to develop an accelerator framework from the ground up.  Suresh Devanan, CEO of Nish Tech, said, “It was understood that both Sitecore and Insite are Enterprise level software platforms, which are structured to be developed from the ground up, causing increased implementation and development times.  By creating this accelerator, organizations who are using both Sitecore and Insite Commerce will be able to greatly reduce the amount of time to launch their sites all while reducing the overall development costs.”

Where did the idea for the Accelerator come from?

Vince Militello, Nish Tech’s Manager of Business Development, stated, “Our firm has the knowledge, expertise, and experience required to develop such an accelerator.  With our experience building the first connector, along with our expertise in Sitecore development, we wanted to provide the marketplace with a product that would deliver an enhanced B2B Customer Experience.”

How does the Accelerator work?

SAFIC provides a seamless connection between Sitecore and Insite to deliver personalized experiences for B2B eCommerce customers.  Prebuilt eCommerce widgets and a modularized architectural design allow business users to easily add, remove, and personalize components and content in Sitecore which will then be updated in Insite through the seamless connection.

How will the Accelerator reduce costs?

The cost savings will be realized in two forms.  Customers will have lower development costs because most of the heavy development work that is required to implement Sitecore and Insite has already been completed.  Purchasing the accelerator means that you are getting a much better value on the amount of development work that has been done for the price paid.  Second, the savings is achieved by a reduced time to market, providing a faster time to see the ROI.

About Nish Tech, Inc.

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