Nish Tech Releases 2nd Major Version of SAFIC, the Sitecore Accelerator for Integrated Commerce

The SAFIC Accelerator Boasts Significant Enhancements as Version 2.1 is Released, Bringing Extended Capabilities and an Even Faster Time to Market for Sitecore eCommerce Deployments. After Only 7 Months, SAFIC Version 2.1 is Available in the Marketplace With a Handful of New Features. 

CINCINNATI, April 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After only 7 months from the initial product launch, Nish Tech, a Gold Sitecore Implementation Partner with a specialization in eCommerce has released the first major update to SAFIC with version 2.1.  SAFIC is the first accelerator to definitively enhance the feature set that customers using Sitecore in conjunction with an eCommerce platform would need.  The accelerator was originally designed to be used solely as an integration between Sitecore and the Insite Commerce platform but version 2.1 opens the gateway for SAFIC to be used with any eCommerce platform that has an open API.

Nish Tech has customers using SAFIC for both B2B and B2C eCommerce sites.  The value is remarkable considering the out-of-the-box features that SAFIC provides.  Sitecore is a robust platform with many capabilities but requires detailed development to create the custom tailored, hand-crafted foundation that organizations appreciate so much.  SAFIC 2.1 now allows companies to get a jumpstart on their eCommerce integration by providing many customizable features that are key elements to any integrated eCommerce platform.  Nish Tech’s Manager of Business Development, Vince Militello said, “We knew we had a great product but it was limited by only working with one eCommerce platform.  With SAFIC version 2 we are now able to utilize the accelerator with other major eCommerce systems such as Sitecore Commerce.”

How many changes and updates have been made to SAFIC since the original product launch?

The Nish Tech development team is constantly making changes to SAFIC to enhance the accelerator on a daily basis.  Hundreds of adjustments have been made, providing greater out-of-the-box functionality.  Himadri Chakrabarti, Director of Technology at Nish Tech said, “Since we first released the accelerator we started implementing it for our clients and found some areas that needed to be improved and features that would be beneficial for all clients, such as the guest checkout feature.  We want to continue to develop the product to consistently reduce the development timeline and shorten the project lengths.”

Some of the key feature additions are:

  • SAFIC can now be used with any eCommerce platform with an open API
  • Guest user checkout is fully supported, allowing out of the box support for both B2B and B2C deployments.
  • Multi-site support allows SAFIC users to take full advantage of their architecture; realizing easier content sharing, enhanced search and analytics options and lower CMS licensing costs.
  • Supports multi-site product synchronization and provides for multiple product images per product.
  • SAFIC’s upgraded theming engine provides a highly customizable design platform supporting multi-level theme templating for both B2B and B2C sites.
  • The cart retention feature allows both guest and authenticated users to continue their shopping experience when they return after leaving the store.
  • Consolidated search brings together content and product search into a single and intuitive interface, providing a simplified, predictive user search experience.

Are any sites currently live with SAFIC 2.1? 

Implus, an innovative manufacturer of over a dozen brands in the footwear and the recreational accessory marketplace, is in the process of redesigning all of their sites and re-platforming on the Sitecore Experience Platform with a multi-site architecture.  One of their brands, FuelBelt, is now live on Sitecore version 8 utilizing the SAFIC accelerator version 2.1.

What does the future roadmap look like for SAFIC?

Nish Tech CEO, Suresh Devanan believes SAFIC will change the way businesses approach an eCommerce project, “Organizations who are competing in the marketplace need to take advantage of the technology that can help them beat their competitors.  It was our goal to develop SAFIC to help companies win and win faster.”

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