SpringServe Releases BroadFall(TM), Next Generation Video Ad Management for Publishers

BroadFall Delivers Up to 30% Revenue Lift with Increased Speed, Control, Transparency and Revenue for Video Advertising

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 12, 2017) - SpringServe, the leader in open video ad serving, today announced the release of BroadFall, a new methodology for managing video demand for publishers. BroadFall gives publishers much more control of their video demand stack and video header bidding partners, improving yield and site performance. SpringServe fundamentally believes in providing publishers total control and transparency, and BroadFall delivers on this mission. Early adopters of BroadFall are seeing a measurable lift in RPM of up to 30% on some campaigns.

In its current iteration, publishers who wish to implement video header bidding face technical challenges, which result in unnecessary workarounds to communicate with their video player, creating excess code and maintenance headaches. Video players don't actually have a header, and so the methodologies that work for display header bidding are unstable and difficult to scale on video. Different demand sources provide different solutions that don't all work together well, creating low fill rates, latency, measurement and bid management headaches for publishers.

Publishers can solve the problems created by video header bidding workarounds by implementing BroadFall. BroadFall integrates seamlessly with a video player, allowing for custom timeouts, reduced latency and code clutter, and effortless management of all demand. Most importantly, by channeling demand through a single solution, publishers can ensure that they earn the maximum return for their most valuable inventory, without risking unfilled inventory that can suppress revenue like with other video solutions.

"BroadFall moves publishers as close as possible to a true unified auction for video," said Joe Hirsch, SpringServe's CEO. "Sellers should not be using a hack to manage demand for their most valuable inventory. BroadFall is designed for video publishers, and offers the most stable, powerful solution on the market."

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