Crownpeak Launches Critical Path Monitoring to Improve CX and Conversion Rates Along High-Value Ecommerce Pages

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Dec 13, 2017) - With today's consumers conducting most of their research, shopping, and transactions online, a retailer's website plays a vital role in helping generate revenue. It also serves as the hub for most of a retailer's digital marketing programs.

To help online retailers better leverage the value of their websites, Crownpeak, the leader in Digital Experience, has unveiled its new Critical Path Monitoring solution to uncover issues related to the marketing technology stack that may hurt on-site conversion rates or impede marketing initiatives.

"Every year, consumers abandon billions of dollars in merchandise in online shopping carts, many times because something has gone wrong in their purchasing experience," said J.J. Gorsuch, VP, Product, Crownpeak. "In this crucial fourth quarter, when many retailers rely on holiday shopping and after-Christmas sales to drive their revenue, Critical Path Monitoring can immediately improve profitability. By giving retailers better analytics and data, they can finally have a clear understanding of how to maximize on-site and ad campaign performance."

Critical Path Monitoring allows online retailers to identify a path along the customer journey that is important to the business (such as the checkout process). Once a path is identified, the technology will simulate a real user, following the same sequence of pages and reveal any issues that negatively impact the user experience. This process is fully automated, which means that retailers can spot and correct problems immediately.

While advancements in the adtech and martech industries have provided businesses with greater insights for audience targeting and increased revenue, they've also introduced user-experience related risks. For example, a third-party technology leveraged to enhance personalization efforts, if not deployed accurately, can directly impact page performance and site security.

Critical Path Monitoring reduces these risks by regularly scanning a site or mobile app for third-party-based performance issues that may cause site latency, technology failures, and other potential threats.

Early development of Critical Path Monitoring began at Evidon, which was acquired by Crownpeak earlier this year. The product marks the first joint product launch between the two companies since combining their technological capabilities.

About Crownpeak
Crownpeak provides the leading, enterprise-grade, cloud-first Digital Experience Management (DXM) platform. The Crownpeak DXM platform empowers Fortune 2000 companies to quickly and easily create, deploy and optimize customer experiences across global digital touchpoints at scale. Besides featuring content management, personalization, search, and hosting, it is the only digital experience platform that includes built-in Digital Quality Management (DQM) to ensure brand integrity, best practices, and web accessibility compliance. Recently, Crownpeak acquired Evidon, the leading provider of simple technical solutions to complex digital Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) challenges, including a new Universal Consent Platform, designed to help companies comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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