StatSocial, ROI Influencer Media Partner for Precise Targeting of Influencer Audiences

Data enables brands to expand the reach of display media and programmatic media with influencer content

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 18, 2017) - Brands will now find it much easier to activate the audiences of celebrity influencers, thanks to a partnership announced today between ROI Influencer Media, the leading digital media solution for Influencer Marketing, and StatSocial, the premier provider of social insights.

Under the partnership, ROI Influencer Media will gain a deep understanding of the social media audience of each of its influencers, thanks to StatSocial's market leading audience insights. ROI Influencer will leverage these insights to deliver display media and programmatic advertising to promote branded influencer content to their audiences.

"We're excited to give brand advertisers the knowledge they crave about engaged influencer audiences, helping align target audiences with the right celebrity voices," said StatSocial CEO Michael Hussey. "Advertisers can now reach the audiences of ROI Influencer Media's top celebrities with custom Influencer content, display media and programmatic media."

StatSocial's analytics will inform the influencer-relevancy for brand advertisers working with ROI Influencer Media.

"Brands have long recognized the power of top influencers to generate purchase decisions," said ROI Influencer Media CEO Seth Kean. "Increasingly, they also want the audience data needed to place their brand message and Influencer content in front of the most engaged consumers. StatSocial's insights make it easy to apply the power of deep audience data to Influencers, with social media, digital media and programmatic buying."

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About StatSocial
StatSocial's data and analytical insights enable marketers, planners, and media sellers to identify and reach the best consumer prospects and measure marketing campaign effectiveness by leveraging uniquely social audience insights. StatSocial's insights are built upon a taxonomy of over 50,000 segments (demographics, brand affinities, interests, TV shows, influencers, and IBM Watson Personality Insights) and linked to consumers covering 70% of US households.

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