New Azuqua Connect Partner Program Helps SaaS Companies Quickly Deliver Powerful App Integrations for Customers

Own your customer’s integration experience and accelerate the time it takes to design, build and deploy tailored application workflows

SEATTLE, June 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Azuqua, a leader in cloud-based business automation, today announced the Azuqua Connect Partner Program, which is designed to deliver powerful app integration capabilities to SaaS companies and their customers. SaaS vendors and their services partners can now easily tap into the power of the Azuqua platform to streamline integration, orchestration and automation of key business applications and workflows. Adobe, Allocadia, Widen, Workfront, Zendesk and dozens of other leading SaaS companies have already come on board to partner with Azuqua. As an added incentive to early partners, Azuqua will be offering one of the most generous referral incentives in the industry at 20 percent of year one subscription revenue.

“For SaaS vendors, owning the integrated customer experience is a business imperative, but this process can be costly and complex and typically comes down to difficult build vs. buy decisions for businesses,” said Todd Owens, CEO at Azuqua. “Our new partner program eliminates these barriers and introduces a new consideration into the buy vs. build paradigm, allowing SaaS vendors to better focus their resources, scale integration quickly, accelerate their sales cycles, and expand a solution portfolio across applications. All of this translates into giving customers the services and technology they need and expect, so they can quickly overcome application integration challenges required to solve complex business problems.”

Leading SaaS companies already working with Azuqua to accelerate their integration efforts and deliver value to customers, include:

  • Adobe: “Adobe is focused on giving its customers, which range from emerging artists to global brands, everything they need to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences,” said John Pritchard, Sr. Director of Engineering, Adobe I/O. “Enabling those experiences requires Adobe solutions to seamlessly integrate with other SaaS applications in a customer’s ecosystem. Azuqua’s dynamic approach to making Adobe integrate seamlessly with other key apps, and turning these integrations into an automated connected experience, helps our customers be more successful.”
  • Allocadia: “Allocadia helps marketing leaders #RunMarketingBetter. As a system of record for marketing that ties plans, investments and results together, this means we must be able to connect with other foundational technologies from finance, sales, and marketing," said Katherine Berry, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder at Allocadia. "By partnering with Azuqua, we are easily able to integrate and connect marketers’ technology stacks, workflows, and data structures – no matter the systems involved. This allows us to help our marketing customers understand what is working, what is not, and where to spend their next marketing dollars, and allows Allocadia to focus 100% on our customers and their experience.”
  • Workfront: “Integrating Workfront with numerous enterprise applications is critical to our customers’ success, which is why we partnered with Azuqua to rapidly extend the integration capabilities made available to our customers,” said Steven ZoBell, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Workfront. “We did an extensive evaluation of more than five integration technology vendors when considering partners for extending our integration capabilities and found Azuqua delivered the best combination of enterprise-grade product capabilities, intuitive end user experience, deployment flexibility, connectivity options to key applications and product team responsiveness.”
  • Zendesk: “We believe that great customer relationships drive successful businesses,” said Billy Robins, Director of Technology Alliances at Zendesk. “Our partnership with Azuqua empowers a range of organizations to seamlessly integrate Zendesk and their customer service conversations with the rest of their critical SaaS applications, enabling them to work more intelligently and effectively; and always with the customer in mind.”

The Azuqua Connect partner program allows Azuqua partners to quickly design, build and deploy tailored integration solutions for their customers and connect to hundreds of enterprise applications without the need to manage virtual machines, constantly monitor logs, build customer error handling, manage updates to third-party APIs and more. Partners get access to their own custom dashboard where they can provision new customers with a single click, see a rollup view of usage metrics, and monitor the health of integrations by each customer. They also retain ownership of contracting, billing and invoicing.

Azuqua also offers a lucrative referral program for partners that do not want to manage integration solutions on behalf of their customers. Alternatively, partners can provide customers with direct access to the platform where they can use Azuqua’s no-code visual designer to build and maintain their own custom integrations. This eliminates the need for internal IT resources and the associated costs required for legacy iPaaS solutions or custom development.

Azuqua helps the world’s leading companies get more from their applications, deliver better experiences for their customers and eliminate manual work for their employees by providing the most comprehensive integration platform in the industry. From completely custom automation scenarios, to packaged templates, to in-product native integration, to finished apps and bots, Azuqua’s platform is comprehensive and flexible enough to meet all of the use cases for SaaS companies and their customers. Azuqua has a large and rapidly growing library of pre-built connectors for applications including Adobe, HubSpot, Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Slack, Smartsheet, Workday, Zendesk and hundreds more.

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About Azuqua
Azuqua helps SaaS companies and their customers integrate and automate their key applications without code or specialized skills. Instead of traditional integrations and automations that rely on months of custom development and big budgets, Azuqua enables users to create custom automations and integrations in a matter of days through its intuitive, powerful and reliable platform. The Seattle-based company has helped innovative businesses like Airbnb, HubSpot, Procter & Gamble and Workfront to automate their business processes. For more information, visit


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