SEAKR Licenses Kandou Glasswing™ SerDes Technology for Chiplet-Based Aerospace Applications

Glasswing™ SerDes Enables Chiplet Integration in a Shared MCM Package Without Requiring an Interposer

LAUSANNE, Switzerland and CENNTENNIAL, Colo., Oct. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kandou Bus announced today that their Glasswing™ chip-to-chip link technology has been licensed by SEAKR® Engineering for use in a variety of future multi-chip products.  Based on Kandou’s CNRZ-5 Chord™ signaling architecture, the Glasswing SerDes delivers high bandwidth signaling at very low power and is ideally suited for short links inside a shared package.  The Glasswing SerDes is the world’s first and only USR SerDes proven in silicon and capable of delivering 1Tbps bandwidth at under one watt, paving the way for fundamental architectural shifts in power savings especially critical in aerospace and satellite communications.

“SEAKR is the industry leader in providing advanced electronics for space applications,” said Amin Shokrollahi, Founder and CEO of Kandou.  “The Glasswing transceiver is a proven USR SerDes that is already shipping in production volumes with other customers and we’re delighted that SEAKR recognizes the value of our innovations and technology.”

“Our solutions require extreme performance density per watt or kilogram for the unique challenges of deployment and ongoing operation of space-based communications,” said Tony Lowry, ASIC Program Manager at SEAKR. “The Glasswing IP provides a robust, high-speed interconnect with ultra-low power consumption that is relatively straightforward to implement, making it ideal for our products. Glasswing technology is designed to facilitate the combination of multiple chips in a single package. By eliminating the need for a silicon interposer to implement Glasswing IP interconnect, we lower risk and costs and enable system optimizations using standard organic substrate design practices.” 

The Glasswing hard IP delivers a total of 500Gbps of bi-directional throughput on just 2.4mm of die edge while consuming only 1pJ/bit. The link achieves a native BER of better than 1E-15 at the targeted data rate of 25GBaud. An optional FEC can improve the BER to 1E-28, providing further design margin.  Insertion loss is specified up to 6dB at 25GBaud, enabling channels of up to 40mm on standard, low cost, organic substrates.

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About Kandou Bus S.A.

Kandou is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland with offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

Founded in 2011, Kandou is the innovative leader in high-speed, energy efficient, chip-to-chip link solutions critical to the evolution of the electronics industry. Kandou enables a better-connected world by offering disruptive technology through licensing and standard products that empower the devices we use every day to become smaller, more energy efficient and more cost effective. 

Kandou has a strong IP portfolio that includes Chord™ signaling, which has been adopted into industry specifications by JEDEC and the OIF. These innovations and implementations deliver a fundamental advance in interconnect technology that lowers the power consumed and improves the performance of chip links, unlocking new capabilities for customer devices and systems. 

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