Facebook Ad Metrics Remained Mostly Stable Through Tumultuous 2020 According to New Whitepaper from Aisle Rocket

New Report Analyzes Facebook Advertising During the Pandemic and Social Unrest

CHICAGO, Nov. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aisle Rocket, a growth-driven marketing agency that unifies creative services, data, and technology to drive results, announced today the launch of its latest white paper, A Summer Like No Other: Tracking the Disruption of 2020 Through Facebook Advertising Metrics Tracking the Social Media.

A Summer Like No Other examines Facebook ad metrics from the start of the pandemic through 2020’s summer of protests and uncertainty. It shows that Facebook’s ad operations took a significant hit at the beginning of the pandemic before eventually leveling out. The report’s findings include:

  • March - May: During the initial lockdown, Facebook saw commercial activity ceased altogether and pricing metrics fell along with the stock market.
  • June - July: Global brands shifted their creative to voice solidarity with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests and with the Black community. Historical modeling lost some of its usefulness because consumer behavior had diverged so dramatically.
  • July - August: During the Facebook boycott, ad metrics didn’t see the same impact as it did during the pandemic and BLM protests.

“Social media advertising has seen so much fluctuation during the pandemic, but we’ve learned that Facebook advertising remains resilient in the face of economic disruption and social unrest,” said Noah Freeman, Aisle Rocket’s Head of Product. “Many people rely on social media to be close in a socially distant world and advertisers will continue to get in front of audiences through Facebook.”

Overall, the whitepaper shows that Facebook has remained resilient throughout the changes in consumer behavior during the pandemic. In reality, the Facebook ad marketplace mirrored the stock market during the summer of 2020, suffering a massive initial shock amidst deep uncertainty that gave way to a strong recovery.

“Facebook continues to provide strong returns on marketing dollars, despite the pandemic,” said Ross Shelleman, CEO of Aisle Rocket. “While a diversified media mix is always important, our particular expertise in Facebook advertising has delivered real value for our clients throughout the disruption of 2020.”

To view Aisle Rocket's A Summer Like No Other: Tracking the Disruption of 2020 Through Facebook Advertising Metrics Tracking the Social Media whitepaper, click here. For more information, please visit Aisle Rocket’s website.

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