Apogee Clients Lead in Utility Customer Engagement

Utilities Benefit Using Apogee's Communication Platforms

ATLANTA, Jan. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Apogee Interactive, Inc., a leading provider of customer engagement and energy analysis software for utilities, announced today record-breaking 2021 performance delivering unmatched results for utility clients. The year brought recognition from prestigious Frost & Sullivan with their 2021 Technology Innovation Leadership Award and acknowledgment by prominent consultancy, Guidehouse, of the firm’s aggressive progression up their Insights Home Energy Management Leaderboard.

Apogee's clients include some of the nation’s largest and most innovative, forward-looking utilities across Investor-Owned Utilities, Municipal, and Cooperative industry segments. Of those, Public Utilities Fortnightly awarded their 2021 Top Innovator Award to Apogee’s client Jones Onslow EMC for their success engaging customers with proactive, personalized Member On-boarding videos.

In 2021, Apogee added a record number of new utility clients including several of the nation’s largest Investor-Owned Utilities and many Cooperatives and Municipals that combined serve over 7 million U.S. customers. Customer retention maintained at 94% with many clients upgrading their subscriptions to include personalized, video messaging.

According to a new client, Mark Lambert, Unitil’s Vice President of Customer Operations, “Our vision for a smarter energy future starts with the customer experience. Apogee's calculation platform will provide ideal support for our rate-based initiatives, and we look forward to working with Apogee in 2022 and beyond as we strive to give customers the tools they need to better manage energy costs."

Apogee's unique communications platform connects utilities with their customers by providing relevant, personalized messaging throughout the customer's lifecycle. Using Apogee’s proprietary engagement and communication platform, utilities are achieving increased customer awareness, higher program participation, reduced high bill calls, and higher customer satisfaction. During 2021, utilities using the platform have seen extraordinary results:

  • 20+ million personalized messages sent
  • 10% increase in program participation
  • Click-through rates averaging more than 15%
  • Utility customers rated Apogee’s personalized video messaging 8.5 out of 10
  • Apogee’s Energy Advisor application identified $293 million of energy savings and over 1.7 million metric tons of carbon reduction.

Apogee's utility clients provided an unprecedented Net Promoter Score of 55, an increase of six points over the previous year and 21 points above the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry average. Apogee continues its successful decades-long expansion of its communications platform including tools that educate customers on vital topics such as rate options, electric vehicles, renewables, and energy efficiency programs.

About Apogee

Apogee Interactive, Inc. is a leading provider of customer engagement services for utilities, serving the energy industry since 1993. Apogee's customer engagement platform helps utilities establish ongoing digital relationships with customers, helping them engage and educate customers, reduce costs, achieve behavioral energy efficiency, and grow customer satisfaction. Apogee's solution enables personalized, relevant video-based messaging through multiple channels, drives self-service, and improves operational efficiencies through marketing automation. Apogee's loyal client base includes Southern Company, Liberty Utilities, Duquesne, Tampa Electric, People's Gas, CenterPoint, Xcel Energy, LADWP, and hundreds of other IOU, municipal, cooperative, and gas utilities. For more information visit, www.apogee.net or LinkedIn.


Contact: Karen Morris – kmorris@apogee.net