Glossy Releases Influencer Index: Top Performing Influencers Include Abby Roberts and Plastique Tiara

NEW YORK, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Glossy, a Digiday Media publication covering the business of beauty and fashion, has just released its influencer index, a guide showing the performance of Instagram influencers according to the criteria most important to brands. Topping the list, showing the greatest ability to drive results for brands, include beauty influencers Abby Roberts and Plastique Tiara.  

The Glossy Influencer Index uses proprietary research to provide transparency for brands looking to invest in these influencers, scoring them across four different categories from an unbiased standpoint. As spending on influencer marketing accelerates, it's become essential for brands to better understand how their investments are performing. In addition, the index takes a look at the trends across influencer strategies for brands to better understand what's working and what's not to make the largest impact.

"Fashion and beauty brands are leveraging the power of the influencer more than ever, through partnerships from sponsored posts to product collabs. But there's still a grey area around the true ability of an influencer to engage audiences and sell products," says Jill Manoff, editor-in-chief at Glossy. "The Instagram Influencer Index serves as a guide for brands as they seek the influencer partners best suited to their own product category and marketing objectives, and strategize around Instagram content formats. Long gone are the days of scouting influencers based on follower count alone."

The index provides unique data points broken out by influencer, category and post format that best optimizes engagement. Insights uncovered from the proprietary research include that Instagram video content drives more engagement per follower than still photos, and sponsored videos drive more engagement than non-sponsored videos. On the flip side, non-sponsored still photos perform better than sponsored still photos.

Leading this research is Digiday Media's senior researcher Li Lu. "With the exponential growth in the influencer space, the noise continues to grow, as well. The Instagram Index helps guide fashion and beauty brands through the noise and lays out best influencer strategies," says Lu. "The first installment of Glossy's index focuses on Instagram influencer partnerships because Instagram offers a wide array of content, from still images to long-form videos to short Reels to temporary stories. The analysis of different content types allows for a holistic view of the influencer space and has valuable information transferable to other platforms."

Glossy's ranking of the top overall performing influencers is derived using audience reach, non-sponsored engagement ratio, brand prominence and sponsored engagement ratio. In addition to the top two influencers, Abby Roberts and Plastique Tiara, Emma Chamberlain, Jadyn Xavier and Remi Bader are ranked among the most beneficial people for brands to work with. View the full index for more detailed insights. This is available exclusively to Glossy+ members, subscribe here for access.

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