Spacee Launches HoverTouch™, the First AI and Computer Vision Solution that Transforms Existing Retail Surfaces Into Interactive Customer Experiences With No Need for Touchscreens

Using only light and a projector, HoverTouch lets customers explore products virtually, collecting crucial data and boosting sales

ADDISON, Texas, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spacee, which provides the best computer vision and AI solutions that help businesses drive new insights, improve efficiency and boost revenue, today launched HoverTouch™, the first plug-and-play solution that transforms existing in-store surfaces such as walls, glass or even cars into interactive customer experiences, and enables clients to collect crucial data on those experiences.

HoverTouch is designed to help drive in-store traffic and boost sales. Building on the success of Spacee’s previous interactive experience solution (Sense), HoverTouch adds significant new features including:

  • Adding Hover technology. A shopper does not have to touch a surface to interact with it - shoppers can hover their hand over a surface to drive contactless interactivity. The customer experience is very similar to what a person might do online with a cursor, hovering over and clicking on items that interest them (see video here).
  • HoverTouch Connect, a feature that gives retailers, consumer brands and their agencies full control of content, UX and device management and provides actionable data. It also allows customers and their agencies to design content and deploy content in an HTML5 compliant media player, meaning virtually any content can run in the HoverTouch system. Retailers, brands and agencies are encouraged to reuse existing content. HoverTouch Connect also enables retailers to capture detailed data on customer interactions, on par with data collected during e-commerce interactions.
  • Plug-and-Play installation, with no manual calibration or tweaking needed. Customer installations take minutes.

While HoverTouch can project to walls, glass or products (such as a car in a showroom), customers have the option to purchase a dedicated kiosk solution called HoverTouch React with a projecting surface.

One of the first retailers to use Spacee HoverTouch is Audi Dallas, one of the top 10 Audi dealerships in the U.S. by sales volume. “Shoppers are back in the stores, and we want to give them an incredible experience,” said Tom McCollum, President and CEO at Forbes Todd Automotive Group, which owns and operates Audi Dallas. “We looked at a number of options for interactive experiences and found that Spacee’s HoverTouch not only provided the best customer experience, but was also the easiest to get up and running. And we love that there are no touchscreens that we’d constantly have to repair and replace. We are still early in the process, but already seeing double-digit in-store sales increases for the products we’re promoting with HoverTouch.”

Skip Howard, founder and CEO of Spacee, said, “Retailers are desperate for data, and Spacee HoverTouch can provide CX data that’s on par with what’s collected online. We’re excited to bring this to market, and thrilled that our customers are already seeing a measurable impact on in-store sales.”

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