Cybersecurity Firm Polygraph Explains Why Advertisers Need To Use A Click Fraud Detection Service

Advertisers will benefit in multiple ways if they choose to protect their advertising budgets from click fraud criminals.

BERLIN, Jan. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Polygraph, a cybersecurity company specializing in the detection of click fraud, is advising advertisers to use a click fraud detection service to protect their marketing budgets.

According to Trey Vanes, Polygraph’s head of marketing, using a click fraud detection service is a good business decision.

“Every time a bot clicks on an advert on a website, the website owner earns a small fee from the advertising network. Multiply this by millions of clicks per day, across thousands of scam websites, and the financial loss to advertisers is huge,” said Vanes. “By using a click fraud detection service like Polygraph, advertisers can prevent bots from clicking on their ads, meaning their marketing budgets will no longer be stolen, and instead can be spent on attracting real customers.”

Vanes says the advertising networks are not doing enough to protect advertisers from click fraud.

“We see click fraud on every advertising network,” said Vanes. “One of the major advertising networks appears to be doing no click fraud detection at all. There are scammers using this network who have been defrauding advertisers for years, and the advertising network doesn’t seem to care.

“It’s a mistake to believe you don’t need a click fraud detection service to detect the fake clicks on your ads, and help you prevent future click fraud.”

“Polygraph helps advertisers in multiple ways,” continued Vanes. “First, we detect the fake clicks on your ad campaigns. We then tell you the click fraud websites you need to block, and which of your ad keywords are being targeted by bots. By following Polygraph’s advice, you can eliminate your click fraud risk, and ensure your advertising budget is protected.”

Vanes says quantifying your click fraud loss is one of the many reasons to use a click fraud detection service.

“If you’re not using a click fraud detection service like Polygraph, you don’t know how much of your money is being stolen by click fraud scammers,” said Vanes. “Polygraph can help you quantify your loss, which can be significant. We recently helped an advertiser discover over 30% of their advertising budget was being stolen due to click fraud. By following our advice, they were able to eliminate the fake clicks on their ads, and have requested a click fraud refund from their advertising network.”

Vanes says Polygraph welcomes enquiries from advertisers who are worried about click fraud.

“Advertisers can use our live chat, send us an e-mail, or give us a call,” said Vanes. “We’re happy to answer any questions about click fraud, and we’d love to help you protect your ads from click fraud scammers.”

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