FullThrottle Technologies, LLC Announces Issuance of Patent for Company’s Proprietary First-Party Data Technologies

Company’s cookieless data solutions will provide incremental first-party data and address AdTech industry’s most pressing challenges, improving outcomes for marketers

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FullThrottle Technologies, LLC, an end-to-end, first-party data-powered technology company who helps marketers identify, curate, and target audiences, today announced the issuance of the company’s first patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. U.S. Patent No. 11,556,947 helps protect many of the core technologies on which FullThrottle platform capabilities have been built including audience identification, lifecycle acceleration, and lead generation.

Today’s advertisers have reached a crossroads with regard to data-driven targeting and measurement. With leading technology companies like Apple and Google obfuscating mobile ad IDs and eliminating or phasing out the use of third-party cookies on their platforms, advertisers are growing increasingly frustrated by the efficacy of current options. They are turning to first-party data resources in order to maintain the efficiency of their campaigns. FullThrottle’s data-powered platform, designed with both users and marketers in mind, provides a cookieless solution to the challenges of targeting and measuring campaigns at a household level.

FullThrottle’s newly issued patent helps protect the company’s proprietary methods for increasing the transparency, accuracy and utility of marketing campaigns using first-party data. With the impending sunset of third-party cookies, brands and advertisers must transition to tools backed by first-party data. FullThrottle’s solutions make it possible for marketers to meet the expectations of today’s consumers by using first-party data to deliver relevant, high-value information to consumers on a household level.

“The uncertainty surrounding third-party cookies has put the AdTech industry on unstable ground for the past two years. The rise of FullThrottle’s first-party solution represents a turning point for organizations that seek to maintain accurate and efficient targeting,” said David Regn, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at FullThrottle. “This acknowledgment of FullThrottle’s innovation drives us to continue to invest in our intellectual property research and development. Our clients can be confident that we offer an unsurpassed solution for identifying and measuring high-value audiences.”

“The eventual disappearance of cookies will be transformative for digital marketing, yet many organizations have failed to adequately prepare,” said Amol Waishampayan, Chief Product Officer at FullThrottle. “Our exclusive, technology-powered data tool kit provides an immediate solution to the challenge of targeting and measurement without cookies. Forward-thinking organizations like Ford and iHeartMedia have recognized the importance of first-party data for their long-term marketing strategies. Our continued partnership with these companies will lead to improved results and a better advertising experience for consumers.”

About FullThrottle

FullThrottle Technologies, LLC is an end-to-end, first-party data-powered technology company whose proprietary platform and technologies facilitate audience identification, marketing, and measurement across all mediums. Powered by advanced AI, FullThrottle customizes data-driven retail solutions for agencies, media companies, and brands. For more information, visit https://www.fullthrottle.ai/.

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