GrowTal Announces Launch of Shopify Dropship Store Launch through Strategic Partnership with MerchMixer

Leading Talent Marketplace for Freelance Marketers to Empower Businesses to Seamlessly Launch Pre-Built Shopify Stores with Ease

LOS ANGELES, April 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GrowTal, the marketplace for hiring top-level marketing professionals most quickly and efficiently, today announces a new offering called the GrowTal Shopify Dropship Store, through a strategic partnership with MerchMixer, a cutting-edge dropship platform offering over 500,000 high-quality products. This collaboration between GrowTal and MerchMixer will enable enterprises to launch and market their Shopify stores seamlessly, providing them with access to a vast array of products and the associated services for their ecommerce ventures.

As the ecommerce industry thrives, many entrepreneurs seek to enter the market quickly and efficiently. The partnership between GrowTal and MerchMixer aims to simplify the process, offering pre-built Shopify stores that can be customized and launched with minimal effort. With GrowTal's skilled freelancers and MerchMixer's extensive product catalog, businesses can now tap into a comprehensive solution for establishing their ecommerce presence.

"Through our partnership with MerchMixer, we are empowering businesses to enter the ecommerce space with ease," said Bryan Karas, CEO of GrowTal. "By leveraging our freelancer marketplace and MerchMixer's extensive dropship product catalog, entrepreneurs can quickly launch a customized Shopify store tailored to their specific needs."

GrowTal's marketing services are designed to help businesses thrive in the competitive ecommerce landscape. With expertise in social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO), GrowTal ensures that each store receives maximum visibility and reach. This holistic marketing approach enables businesses to attract and retain customers, driving growth and revenue.

"Our collaboration with GrowTal will democratize access to dropshipping, making it a viable option for both existing ecommerce companies looking to expand and new businesses looking to get started quickly. Many companies see dropshipping as a low-cost way to expand their merchandise mix and drive more sales volume. Now with our GrowTal partnership, we offer all the products and services any business needs to get started with dropshipping regardless of their current state,” said Matt Smith, CEO of MerchMixer.

The partnership between GrowTal and MerchMixer offers a streamlined solution for businesses looking to establish their ecommerce presence quickly and efficiently. With pre-built Shopify stores and access to over 500,000 high-quality products, entrepreneurs can customize their online storefronts and launch with minimal effort. Additionally, GrowTal's services ensure any business has the support services they need to get the new dropship program off the ground.

The "Shopify Turnkey Dropship Store Design and Launch Kit" can be purchased immediately from GrowTal for $5000 via this link:

If you want to partner with GrowTal and MerchMixer on your dropshipping expansion email

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