Unbounce Debuts New AI-powered Marketing Tool Allowing Single-Click Ad Copy Generation from a URL

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Unbounce, the global leader in landing page and AI-powered conversion optimization software, today announced the launch of ‘URL to Ads’, a first-of-its-kind AI tool that allows marketers to generate highly relevant ad copy for multiple platforms simply by inserting a URL from a website or landing page.​​

URL to Ads analyzes the content of a given website and uses artificial intelligence to generate ad copy matched to the page and tailored for platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Bing. The tool is designed to give marketers back precious time, generating relevant, high-performing ad copy with a single click and help them achieve better results from their campaigns.

“Creating tailored and effective ad copy from specific pages can save time for marketers. At Unbounce, we have always been keenly focused on pairing marketers with tools that can help them be more effective and ultimately more successful,” says Darby Sieben, Chief Product Officer of Unbounce. “With our deep experience helping marketers to create high-impact, high-performing content, combined with our unique body of data on what has driven billions of conversions for our customers, we are immensely excited about the potential of this new tool and keen to get it in the hands of marketers across the globe.”

Marketers can easily try the new tool by visiting - https://unbounce.com/url-to-ads - and, for further access, sign up for a free Unbounce Smart Copy account, where they can generate additional ads, among other marketing assets. Unbounce customers get free access to Smart Copy for 2023, which includes unlimited use of the URL to Ads tool.

Unbounce is the only landing page builder to combine over 10 years of proprietary conversion data with the power of AI. This unique combination has helped create a dynamic suite of smart features that help marketers supercharge their campaigns and achieve new levels of success by driving more leads, sales, and signups.

About Unbounce
Unbounce is the global leader in landing page and conversion intelligence software empowering marketers to build and optimize high-performing landing pages without a web developer. Since 2010, Unbounce has helped customers generate (literally) billions of leads, sales, and signups. With easy-to-use builders designed for any skill level and AI-powered features to help launch campaigns quicker, Unbounce gives marketers everything they need to get great results and grow their businesses. Founded in Vancouver, B.C., Unbounce is a people-first business, one of Canada’s most admired corporate cultures and has powered over two billion conversions worldwide.

Connect with our growing community of marketers at Unbounce.com and @Unbounce.

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A web address being entered into the URL to Ads generator. The address reads www.unbounce.com A google ad created for Unbounce by URL to Ads. The copy starts "Grow Your Business with Unbounce. Optimize Landing Pages Instantly" A twitter ad created for Unbounce by URL to Ads. The copy starts "Make your campaigns stand out. With Unbounce, you can quickly launch campaigns" A marketer enjoys some precious time back after generating her ad copy in seconds from a single URL

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