Instreamatic Launches Contextual CTV Ads to Boost Audience Engagement, Optimize Media Buying, and Slash CTV Campaign Production Costs

Advanced voice AI modifies any audio track to turn a single Connected TV ad into thousands of ready-to-launch contextual versions—personalized for each viewer—in just minutes

BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Instreamatic, whose advanced AI-powered voice and audio marketing solutions empower brands to better engage with consumers, today announced the launch of Contextual CTV Ads. The Contextual CTV Ads platform combines Instreamatic’s expertise in audio marketing technology and generative voice AI. The result is a unique solution enabling brands to take the audio from a single ad and automatically create thousands of contextually-targeted ad variations with state-of-the-art speech quality—in minutes and at scale.

Audiences viewing conventional connected TV (CTV) advertising campaigns delivered during streaming content increasingly tune out ads that aren’t particularly attention-grabbing or personally relevant. Brands and advertisers are acutely aware of the power of ad personalization and addressing customers in their context to influence customer behavior and to improve ad campaign ROI. Precise contextual alignment in ad campaigns significantly increases brand favorability, search intent, and purchase intent. However, until now, brands and advertisers pursuing contextual CTV ad campaigns have faced prohibitive time and cost hurdles. Ad agencies working with traditional technologies spend months recording and revising audio and preparing complex media buys—only to achieve rudimentary contextualization. 

Built to meet these challenges, Instreamatic’s Contextual CTV Ads platform empowers brands and agencies to deliver contextual ad campaigns with unprecedented and transformative efficiency and effectiveness. Instreamatic’s advanced voice AI core enables advertisers to turn a single original CTV ad into unlimited, ready-to-launch contextualized ad versions at scale. Contextual CTV Ads allow brands to include any context parameters unique to their business and relevant to the individual viewer, including: location, time of day, the name or type of the app or streaming platform the viewer is using, local partners or offers, promo codes, nearest locations, daily events, and other parameters.

“For consumers used to broadly-targeted traditional ads, experiencing a Contextual CTV Ad is like shifting from black and white to color: there is a new, transformative attention-grabbing power and appeal when ads suddenly speak to you directly, in your moment,” said Stas Tushinskiy, CEO, Instreamatic. “Advertisers accustomed to massive budgets for painstakingly producing a small variety of ads over months can now create and deploy Contextual CTV Ads with cutting-edge quality at unlimited scale, automatically, and instantly. The result is a more personalized experience that captures consumers’ engagement far more effectively, is delivered far faster, and costs magnitudes less to create and deploy. For brands and advertisers seeking better CTV ad performance, the ROI case is clear.”

Through the power of generative AI, Contextual CTV Ads drive hyper-scale creative production and delivery at a small fraction of traditional ad production costs. Voice actors don’t have to record hundreds of ad variations; instead, advertisers can produce and revise creative in minutes—and even refresh creatives daily. Brands and advertisers can use their own voice talent or utilize Instreamatic’s diverse library of pre-approved voices. Contextual CTV Ads make it possible to hyper-personalize each ad and deliver ad sequences across campaigns that remember the context of previous interactions, taking audiences on a more meaningful journey.

“Audio tracks play an especially critical role in CTV advertising, as consumers pick up their phones or go to the kitchen when a commercial comes on—audio is often the only connection to the audience,” said Simon Dunlop, CMO, Instreamatic. “Contextual CTV Ads have the power to recapture wavering attention by addressing consumers with context that means something to them, personally, even when their eyes aren’t on the screen.”

Contextual CTV Ads also significantly optimize media buying. Instreamatic’s powerful AdVibe self-service dashboard enables advertisers to fully automate the creation of unlimited CTV ad creatives, and to use VAST tags to serve ads to the Instreamatic Ad Network or any DSP. AdVibe provides complete ad activity reporting in real-time, along with downloadable insight reports. The dashboard also enables unlimited A/B testing and creative updates, to ensure quality control and optimization across live contextual ad campaigns. Contextual CTV Ads, priced with a CPM model, fit into any existing workflow with no integration required.

Instreamatic’s Contextual CTV Ads follows the release of Contextual Audio Ads, which launched in March 2023 and is used by brands and advertisers to reach audiences on audio platforms.

About Instreamatic

Instreamatic delivers AI-powered audio advertising and marketing solutions that quickly deliver brands a competitive advantage. Instreamatic’s advanced and customizable solutions are built to cut through the noise of traditional campaigns and deliver truly differentiated and memorable brand-consumer experiences. Trusted by brands such as NetSuite, Mercedes, IKEA, and HP, Instreamatic’s technology is built to engage audiences with next-level voice and audio campaigns. The company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

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