QuestionPro Launches QxBot – a Generative AI Feature that Reduces the Time and Complexity of Survey Building for Researchers

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QuestionPro, a leading online research, insights and experience company has integrated generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its research platform. The new feature, called QxBot, leverages and enables users to build quick, creative surveys on any research topic in seconds using a conversational interface.

QxBot harnesses the power of its own proprietary generative AI engine on top of ChatGPT to develop an innovative, agile, and fast AI-based survey generation tool. With QxBot, in two simple steps, users can define a research topic and generate survey questions right from the survey platform.

QxBot makes it easy for both novice researchers and seasoned market research professionals to use the AI-generated survey questions, from ideating to generating questions. With a purely conversational style, users can tweak the questions, reorder them, add even more questions, or deploy them as is.

“QxBot dramatically reduces the time needed to program surveys by generating the most common benchmarking questions,” said Dan Fleetwood, President of QuestionPro Research & Insights. “But more importantly it can help users create sophisticated questions and surveys to meet even more complex research needs.”

Features include:

  • Quick deployment studies: QxBot excels at survey creation. Due to its conversational nature, it is easy to develop an AI-based survey within seconds, make the necessary adjustments, and deploy the survey.
  • Purely do-it-yourself (DIY) research: QxBot generates expert “starter questions” for users even if they don’t know survey creation best practices or the research parameters.
  • Access global audiences and demographics: Since QxBot leverages machine learning and is constantly evolving and adaptive, users can conduct research among global audiences and demographics in the language of their choice while focusing only on the user’s area of interest.
  • Topic and vertical agnostic market research: QxBot reduces the complexity of research surveys by broadening the scope and horizon of research. There is no longer a limitation on topics of interest or any horizontals and verticals.

Benefits include:

  • Cost and time saving: QxBot reduces dependence on external sources and saves considerable time from ideation to deployment of surveys, also reducing cost.
  • Agile market research: From formulating a use case to validating it with a survey, QxBot makes the steps to data collection faster and more efficient. Since the tool is built into the QuestionPro survey platform, the existing technology and infrastructure do the heavy lifting.
  • Take on a persona that works for you: It is easy to train the tool to take on a persona that works for any user since it is constantly evolving and learning.
  • Ease of use: Coming up with an initial set of qualitative and quantitative survey questions is effortless. Tweaking these questions and moving them around also is very straightforward. The QxBot is a researcher's best friend.
  • Intuitive ecosystem: Generating survey questions, moving them around, and adding logic is all simple with the QxBot system.

QxBot is available today; a free trial is available online at

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