EnTribe Increases Brands’ Ability to Harness Authentic Marketing Content with New Ambassador Program

The continuous shift of consumers’ preference towards user-generated content has led to an immediate need for an advanced program that gives brands the tools to turn their everyday customers into loyal brand ambassadors

OAKLAND, Calif., Sept. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EnTribe, the first-of-its-kind SaaS platform for community content development, today announced the addition of its new ambassador management program to streamline the process of building an online community of ambassadors and securing organic user-generated content (UGC) to increase overall brand awareness and engagement.

In its 2023 survey, EnTribe found consumer sentiment towards online content is continuing to move away from traditional social media influencers – with 90% of consumers claiming they are more likely to trust and purchase products/services from brands who share content from real customers in marketing initiatives. Knowing this shift away from influencers will only increase brands’ reliance on UGC, EnTribe developed a low-touch management ambassador program utilizing artificial intelligence to expand brands’ ability to gather authentic UGC.

While everyday creators are increasing how much content they contribute for brands to utilize, there is not enough organic UGC being created to meet the increasing demand for authentic content online. However, with EnTribe’s new ambassador program, brands will be able to uncover creators and compare their engagement, follower count, social post tracking, and potential reach, and turn them into official brand ambassadors that produce consistent UGC. From there, brands will be able to measure the impact of each ambassador’s content and reward them accordingly – creating a system that equips brands with an arsenal of authentic content, thus improving their overall online engagement.

“As UGC becomes more popular amongst brands, one of the most cumbersome issues we’ve seen arise is brands’ being unable to track and find which creators are producing the best content,” explains Adam Dornbusch, Founder and CEO of EnTribe. “With this advanced program, we’ve simplified the process of establishing and managing ambassadors so brands can uncover and communicate with those that are producing the most impactful content. We’ve created a solution for brands to build a community of loyal ambassadors that they can tap for content at any time, and easily manage, through automated processes, to ensure no content is ever lost and that the ambassadors they’ve established are continuously publishing content.”

"Since working with EnTribe, we've been able to increase our follower count by 50%, and engagement by 700%, because we have built great relationships with our community of creators," said CEO and founder of InkEdibles. “We’re excited to add EnTribe's new ambassador features to our marketing strategy to continue expanding our online presence and building trust with our customers. Having these types of advanced CRM capabilities will only keep us ahead of the curve when it comes to consumer preferences."

The launch of this new program follows a year of significant growth for EnTribe. Over the last year, the platform has continued to build upon its existing client roster of Fortune 100 companies with the addition of Hershey’s, Riot Games and Kia Motors. To learn more about EnTribe please visit: https://www.entribe.com/

About EnTribe

EnTribe is one of the first SaaS platforms that helps build a community of creators for your brand. We go beyond UGC management by making it easier for you to search, acquire and connect with your community. We empower you with collaborative communication tools, interactive features like social discovery, and easy-to-track performance charts all in one unified platform to help bridge the gap between the content you want and the content your community shares. Overall, EnTribe lets you access fresh content by connecting you with all the active members of your community, which, in turn, leads to effective and authentic marketing campaigns.

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