METER Food Rebrands as Aqualab

Amidst record growth, food science and technology leader headlines reorganization under the Addium umbrella

PULLMAN, Wash., Sept. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via IBN -- METER Food is now Aqualab.

The acclaimed pioneer in water activity and moisture content measurement solutions for food and pharma companies today announced its rebranding, marking a pivotal moment in its trajectory. The transformation comes as part of a strategic reorganization by METER Group, which has consolidated its food-tech and agritech entities under a new holding company, Addium. 

This transition empowers Aqualab, along with sister companies POMETA and AROYA, to continue their rapid expansion while bolstering an overall focus on data intelligence, science, software, and sensors.

Industry analysts forecast that the global foodtech market will reach $342 billion by 2027. Demand for water activity meters in the food and beverage industry is skyrocketing as these precision scientific instruments play a significant role in food safety, quality assurance, formulation, and packaging. In addition to detecting the presence of microbial contaminants, measuring water activity is the most accurate means of predicting product shelf-life and provides critical insights for sustainable packaging efforts.

Also of note is the increasing adoption of water activity meters in industries such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The name "Aqualab" carries with it three decades of market equity as the premier line of water activity devices. This legacy underscores Aqualab's commitment to excellence in its field. Over the past three years, Aqualab has achieved a remarkable 14 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), propelled by groundbreaking innovations such as the AQUALAB 3's one-minute water activity and moisture content measurement capabilities. The introduction of the TDL2 water activity meter for volatile compounds further solidified Aqualab's position as an industry leader.

"Aqualab's journey has been a testament to our dedication to innovation and precision in food production," said Takuya Ohki, EVP of Aqualab. "This synergy extends our ability to bring positive change to food production, pharma, and related industries."

More than 90 of the top 100 food companies in the US own and use Aqualab devices, as well as many international organizations. Widespread use across the food industry includes a strong market presence in sectors such as snack foods, pet foods, dairy, and processed meats. Precision water activity measurements help food production companies to optimize quality assurance, elevate product quality, reduce costs, and extend shelf-life.

Important to note is that brands such as Hostess, Kemin, Clif, Arkopharma, and Thorne, among others, have embraced Aqualab's solutions. 

With offices in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, complemented by an extensive distributor network, Aqualab maintains a global presence that mirrors its impact. Beyond its core expertise in water activity, the company offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including moisture content analysis, isotherm generators, drying optimization software, food formulation software, sensory analysis, and R&D consulting.

The rebranding coincides with the launch of Aqualab's revamped website, [], serving as a central hub for industry insights, case studies, and resources. This user-friendly destination facilitates easy access to industry thought leadership, research, customer case studies, and information about Aqualab's offerings.

As Aqualab embarks on this transformative journey, the company remains committed to revolutionizing food production through the power of science, software, and sensors. 

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About Aqualab

Aqualab, formerly known as METER Food, is a pioneering technology company dedicated to transforming the food industry through science-driven solutions. With a legacy spanning three decades, Aqualab's focus on measuring water activity and moisture content empowers food production companies to optimize processes, elevate product quality, reduce costs, and extend shelf-life. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, advanced algorithms, and a commitment to innovation, Aqualab leads the way in reshaping the future of food production. 

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