Oriflame, in partnership with Revieve, Empowers its Brand Partners and Consumers Worldwide with Revolutionary BeautyTech Innovation, Redefining the Beauty Industry

HELSINKI, Finland and STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Dec. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oriflame, a global leader in beauty and skincare products, has partnered with Revieve® to introduce an innovative digital skincare solution revolutionizing the direct-selling business model. This collaboration marks the introduction of the first digital skincare solution of its kind, encompassing 54 countries around the globe.

Committed to empowering individuals globally, Oriflame unveils the AI Skincare Advisor, a beauty tech solution powered by Revieve, as an integration to their app. This cutting-edge innovation has been designed to assist consumers, with discovering personalized beauty products that align with their unique requirements.

To utilize the Digital Skincare Advisor, consumers take or upload a selfie and answer a questionnaire about their skin type and personal skin concerns on Oriflame’s app. Within seconds, users are offered personalized product recommendations and skincare advice based on Revieve's proprietary computer vision technology that analyzes over 120 skin metrics. Crafted to provide a step-by-step overview of the user’s skincare journey, the solution enables consumers to achieve their skin goals faster by matching the selfie skin diagnostic and user data results to Oriflame’s products and treatments.

Navigating the intricate realm of professional product recommendations, the AI Skin Advisor holds profound significance for brand partners. It offers unparalleled simplicity amidst the complexity of skincare expertise, transforming how brand partners engage with customers. Despite the recommendations' advanced nature, no additional training is required, making it convenient for brand partners to provide valuable insights to their customers.

This digital solution is particularly noteworthy compared to traditional in-store consultants, who often lack the ability to closely assess individual skin conditions. These limitations hinder their capacity to deliver precise product recommendations, leaving customers searching for personalized solutions. The AI Skin Advisor stands as a beacon of reliability and accuracy, embracing a future where skincare expertise is not bound by limitations.

"Personalization and innovation are always at the forefront of our company’s ideas and values to provide customers with high-quality and accurate recommendations for their skin and makeup needs. Additionally, the Digital Skin Advisor is a vital tool to enable our Brand Partners to drive consultative selling of a complex product, in a professional way," said Marcus Fogel, Vice President of Global Digital Services at Oriflame. “This transformative partnership with Revieve merges skincare, beauty, and the latest retail innovation technology to best serve the next generation of beauty consumers.”

With the introduction of the AI Skincare Advisor, Oriflame's customers can now navigate through a range of beauty products with ease, ensuring they find the most suitable products that cater to their unique skincare needs. This innovative tech solution not only enhances the Consultant-Customer interaction but also fosters trust and loyalty within the Oriflame network.

As a result, customers feel more valued and engaged, while brand partners can enhance their sales efforts and increase their earning potential. Unlike traditional in-store consultants, brand partners armed with this digital tool can expertly guide customers through the skincare journey, making tailored product suggestions that cater to every requirement.

"The data collected from the Digital Skin Advisor sessions is a valuable asset for product development teams. It helps in building a better understanding of the main skin concerns of the current customer base, contributing to the continuous improvement of the product portfolio in line with customers' real needs. Furthermore, long-term data collection will enable more effective production planning, forecasting, and order fulfillment activities,” said Marcus Fogel, Vice President of Global Digital Services at Oriflame. “This increased awareness of the preferred product mix in Beauty Routine sets will further enhance operational efficiency."

The completion rate of the AI Skincare Advisor experience is an impressive 80%, with more than 100,000 completed consultations to date. This substantial engagement emphasizes the effectiveness and widespread adoption of this innovative digital skincare solution.

The digital skincare experience will be accessible through multiple channels, providing a convenient experience for users across various platforms. Whether through the Oriflame app or other accessible avenues, customers and brand partners alike can effortlessly access the power of this groundbreaking skincare solution.

“At Revieve, we aim to provide personalized digital experiences to educate and help consumers better understand their skin care needs and goals. Which is why we are excited to partner with beauty global leader Oriflame to leverage our latest AI/AR technology and support their customers on their unique skincare journey,” says Sampo Parkkinen, CEO at Revieve.

Oriflame and Revieve's pioneering digital skincare solution is a testament to their commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and the continuous evolution of the beauty industry. With this game-changing partnership, they are set to reshape the direct-selling landscape, providing a cutting-edge experience that enriches the lives of both brand partners and customers.

About Oriflame

Founded in Sweden in 1967, we are a social-selling beauty company present in over 60 countries around the world. We have a different and holistic view on beauty – Beauty by Sweden. For us beauty is a way of life; to be healthy, enjoy beautiful skin and to find your personal expression. Our portfolio of nature-inspired beauty products powered by science are marketed through more than 2 million Independent Oriflame Brand Partners.

About Revieve
Revieve is the preferred provider to beauty brands and retailers for delivering a digitally-driven, personalized brand experience leveraging its enterprise-grade beauty and wellness technology platform cross-category, cross-channel, and throughout the customer journey.

With easy-to-use self-diagnostic and coaching solutions that personalize search, product discovery, and shopping experiences, Revieve's digital beauty and wellness technology platform delivers consumers targeted products, services, and treatments that enhance the customer-brand relationship and drive loyalty.

Revieve's platform also seamlessly integrates personalized shopping solutions and in-person and live-video consultations with health and beauty advisors, driving tangible business value by increasing consumer engagement, conversion, and basket size across all digital in-store and online brand touchpoints.

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