eye square Launches MEMEX Jr. to Drive Advertising Performance with Generative AI-backed Insights

New Knowledge Management Solution Informed by Custom Large Language Model

NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eye Square, a leading provider of market and media research solutions based in Berlin, today announced the launch of “MEMEX Jr.”, a generative AI tool based on a large language model (LLM) using the expertise and knowledge of the company’s top scientists and consultants. MEMEX Jr. was developed using eye square’s proprietary knowledge and insights from articles, videos, sound files as well as other content. Users can ask MEMEX Jr. through both keyboard- and voice-driven interactions, with the tool capable of explaining complex topics at the same level as senior executives. MEMEX Jr., now available to select groups of eye square customers, provides rich, actionable insights for advertising methods and strategies at a moment’s notice.

Taking full advantage of generative AI, MEMEX Jr. represents a significant industry breakthrough by making valuable market research expertise available to customers at any moment in any time zone. The LLM-backed AI avatar is capable of explaining complicated concepts ranging from describing the human digital experience to interpreting attention metrics and how they affect advertising decisions and strategy — without actually requiring the direct intervention of an eye square employee. Customers can use MEMEX Jr. to guide strategic and creative decision-making for digital marketing campaigns.

“MEMEX Jr. explains many of eye square’s advertising insights at a high level, including our unique approach to advertising strategy and the definitions of key terms such as attention, experience and meaning—all in the interest of better understanding the human experience,” said Michael Schiessl, CEO of eye square. “Unlike a human manager, our new tool is available 24/7 — beyond time zones, schedules and rest periods. This important step frees up time and resources for our management, while still delivering precise, reasonable actionable strategies to our customers. I am confident that MEMEX Jr. will serve as a great tool for customers who want quick answers to overarching advertising and marketing questions, while also supporting our own internal knowledge sharing.”

MEMEX Jr. integrates retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to precisely extract information, while semantic retrieval and vector databases refine the accuracy and richness of answers. Curated responses to customer questions are passed through an LLM for optimized results. MEMEX Jr. LLM was customized to assume the persona of eye square CEO Michael Schiessl, ensuring that responses are personalized without straying into speculative territory. Responses to customer questions are synthesized using a text-to-speech model that reproduces the distinct cadence of the CEO’s voice.

“MEMEX Jr. perfectly represents our credo of combining science, technology and art,” said Andreas Thoelke, CTO of eye square. “The new tool is proof of concept for our AI strategy, which foresees the use of AI primarily in knowledge management, data analysis, and finally in ‘semantic eye tracking’. The last function is particularly promising as it integrates key areas of semantics and System 0—the intuitive responses to advertising stimuli.”


eye square is a leading global provider of innovative market research specializing in the fields of User Experience, Brand & Media and Shopper Experience Research.

Founded in 1999, eye square pioneered the use of eye tracking for user and market research, building up one of the largest databases for user experience, eye tracking, and advertising effectiveness data worldwide. These data allow eye square to benchmark how users experience new websites, mobile applications, products and advertisements against established biomarkers.

eye square’s extensive client portfolio includes major companies such as eBay, LG Electronics, Vattenfall, Deutsche Telekom, Google, and P&G, among others.


Media: Silicon Alley Media for Eye Square
Alexandra Levy