Twelvefold Introduces Spectrum for Video: Real-Time URL-Level Video Ad Placements Across All Screens

New service offers over 700 million videos monthly using its proprietary platform and algorithms to understand the mindset of the consumer while they're watching the content

San Francisco, March 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Twelvefold, a big data company that targets audiences in real time without the use of cookies, today announced Spectrum for Video. Spectrum for Video delivers the most relevant video ad placements based on the influence, authority and emotional connection a piece of content creates with its reader. With more than 700 million individual videos from more than 5,000 sources, Twelvefold has culled and indexed the best of the web, including a mix of spot lengths.

The new video offering builds on Spectrum 3.0, the company's unique programmatic marketing platform that uses big data analytics for a deep understanding of consumer mindset, ensuring that brands reach the best possible viewers. All videos are user-initiated and are never syndicated, so advertisers always know exactly which ads are running, and where.

"Our brand customers asked us to apply Spectrum 3.0's proven ability to understand the mindset content creates with its audience to video. We responded to that challenge and can now help them precisely target consumers who are consuming both text and video content across the web and mobile web," said Dave Hills, CEO of Twelvefold. "And because ads are never syndicated, you'll always know exactly where your spots will run-which is never on dodgy sites."

With the addition of Video, Spectrum is now the only platform that delivers across all screens, on the web and mobile web. That means brands only have to create one content target, and Twelvefold helps place it everywhere.

Spectrum for Video delivers:

●      Transparency & Brand Safety - Spectrum for Video is 100% transparent at the individual URL level unlike "blind" networks, which don't have the level of control needed to deliver a total brand safe experience

●      Superior Analytics & Insights - Spectrum for Video offers Twelvefold's in-depth analytic reports, which allow brands to evaluate trends in both the creation and consumption of content

●      Great Service - Spectrum for Video is offered through the company's managed service teams for the highest level of quality

●      Unbeatable Scale - With more than 700 million individual videos from more than 5,000 sources, Twelvefold offers upwards of 1.1 billion pre-roll video spots (:15, :30 and :60) and companion banners when available

Originally launched as an internal tool in November 2011, the Spectrum technology has been used to help top agencies and hundreds of major brands successfully reach unique audiences at the page level.  Spectrum utilizes proprietary algorithms, artificial intelligence and other advanced science to evaluate and score over eight billion daily pieces of content, all in real time and all without the use of cookies. 

Customers include Samsung, Chrysler, General Mills, Kroger, Intel and Charles Schwab. Twelvefold is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. For more information, visit:, and



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