NobelBiz partners with Awaken to bring unrivaled scripting capabilities to its cloud contact center ecosystem

OMNI+ Awaken Scripting greatly simplifies scripts creation, making it accessible to non-technical team members

CHEYENNE, Wyo., April 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NobelBiz, a leading contact center telecom and software provider, has partnered with Awaken Intelligence to bring a user-friendly and versatile scripting tool to its cloud contact center omnichannel ecosystem called OMNI+ Awaken Scripting. The new partnership allows contact centers to drastically reduce the time, cost, and technical knowledge required to create, publish and edit new scripts.

In announcing this partnership, Steve Bederman, president of NobelBiz, says:

“What we saw as a leading contact center software and telecom provider is that many businesses struggle with the traditional method of creating and launching new scripts for their campaigns. With our new partnership with Awaken, we wanted to provide a superior scripting solution than what's currently used in the industry."

Simon Black, CEO of Awaken Intelligence, says, “We’re really excited to be partnering with NobelBiz. We know first firsthand what an impact having an intuitive, reliable, and flexible scripting solution can have. We’ve seen our clients reduce the time taken to make script changes by over 90%. We look forward to helping NobelBiz customers take their contact center performance to the next level.”

In addition, OMNI+ Awaken Scripting will:

  • Dynamically present information when required
  • Enable effective knowledge retention and transfer
  • Streamline post-call escalations and contact methods
  • Reduce training time by up to 70%
  • Improve employee retention by over 25%
  • Reduce handling times by over 30%

“My recommendation is for everyone to give this product a try. It has the potential to significantly reduce your scripting workload while also improving the overall customer experience,” says Steve Bederman, President of NobelBiz.

For more information, visit the NobelBiz & Awaken Partnership Page.

About NobelBiz
NobelBiz is a world-class Telecom and CCaaS provider with 20 years of experience servicing contact centers across the globe. The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network is the only network built to accommodate contact-center-specific traffic. The NobelBiz Omni+ cloud contact center software features a unique blend of capabilities, from Omnichannel to simple cross-channel campaign setup and remote work.

About Awaken Intelligence
Awaken Intelligence offers AI-powered software that helps contact centers improve call time & customer satisfaction by analyzing and guiding conversations in multiple languages. Awaken Intelligence has over 35 years of experience owning and operating outsourced contact centers and providing software and outsourcing solutions.


Mirela Otea
Director of Global Marketing