iGaming Operators: Optimove Survey Analysis Shows Responsible Gambling Measures Build Player Trust and Loyalty

The antidote to problematic gambling behavior: data, player education and betting limits

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Findings from the Optimove 2023 iGaming Survey shed light on players’ positions on the ongoing challenge of tackling problematic gambling behavior within the iGaming industry. According to an analysis released by Optimove at Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, an overwhelming 75% of players perceive responsible gambling tools as instrumental in bolstering trust and loyalty towards operators. The results are from the Optimove 2023 Report of Players’ Preferences in iGaming Marketing

Impressively, approximately 90% of players actively set betting limits, and a remarkable 97% demonstrate awareness of responsible gambling resources, with 56% actively utilizing them. This highlights the escalating significance of iGaming sites’ responsible gambling initiatives and suggests that responsible gambling initiatives not only benefit players but also enhance the reputation and customer retention of operators. 

Responsible Gambling poses a critical challenge in the iGaming industry. Neglecting responsible gambling measures can lead to problem gambling, eroding trust and loyalty in operators. It's essential for a healthy, sustainable player-operator relationship. 

To address these insights, the Optimove 2023 iGaming Survey offers five key recommendations serving as a playbook for iGaming operators and helping them craft a personalized, socially responsible marketing strategy. This approach not only enhances the player experience but also effectively mitigates the risk of players developing unhealthy habits and practices: 

  • Promote Responsible Gambling: Operators should actively promote responsible gambling resources, fostering trust and loyalty by featuring them prominently on their website and in marketing materials. 
  • Encourage Betting Limits: Operators should encourage players to set betting limits by implementing user-friendly features for limit adjustment. 
  • Continuous Education: Operators should educate players about responsible gambling, including potential risks and recognizing problem gambling signs. 
  • Monitor and Support: Operators should establish systems to monitor player behavior, offering timely support and intervention when needed, showcasing their commitment to player well-being. 
  • Use Data Analytics: Operators should leverage a Customer Data Platform (CDP) for data analytics to identify and support players at risk of gambling problems, enabling early intervention. 

These survey results come on the heels of Gartner Ranking Optimove #1 in Journey Orchestration in its 2023 Critical Capabilities for Multichannel Marketing Hubs. Optimove is also positioned highest in execution and vision among Challengers in the Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs and is recognized as a noted leader in Customer Intelligence and Measurement and Optimization.  

Visit Optimove at G2E in Las Vegas, October 10-12, in booth 2630, to get the report and further iGaming insights.

About the survey: 
The Optimove 2023 Report of Players’ Preferences in iGaming Marketing was based on queries from 396 U.S. citizens who are online players in September/ October 2023. Respondents were ages 21-plus, and household incomes were $75,000-plus. 

G2E is the world’s premier gathering of commercial and tribal gaming professionals. For more than 20 years, G2E has served as the catalyst for gaming’s growth and innovation by convening the global industry to define tomorrow. 

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In Gartner's 2023 Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs, Optimove was positioned the highest in execution and furthest in vision among Challengers. In Gartner's companion report, Optimove was ranked #1 for Multichannel Marketing Journey Orchestration.    
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