Optimove NFL Betting Trend Data Reveals Volume of Bets Increase During Playoffs, Average Bet Amount Declines

The Optimove Professional Services Consolidated Sportsbook Player Data is based on over 10 million bets from the 22-23 season

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Optimove, the #1 CRM Marketing Solution for iGaming operators, analyzed sportsbook players' behavior based on over 10 million bets from September 2022 to February 2023, comparing the NFL Regular season to the Playoffs and Super Bowl. The Optimove Professional Services Consolidated Sportsbook Player Data shows that the volume of bets increases as the average bet amount declines based on the importance of the game. It indicates that sportsbooks can use this spike in player activity to plan their marketing efforts.  

Separately, according to the Optimove 2023-2024 Report on NFL Wagering, NFL bettors find personalized messages from their sports betting sites valuable, with 65% perceiving them as personalized. 

Playoffs and Super Bowl Reveal Increase in the Average Daily Number of Players and a Decrease in the Daily Average Bet Amount  

Optimove's Professional Services Consolidated Sportsbook Player Data revealed that the average daily bet amount per player (bettor) on playoff games was 26% less than during regular season games. The average bet amount on Super Bowl game day was 50% (half) of the regular season.  

Compared to the regular season, there were 119% more players (bettors) in the playoffs and 228% more for the Super Bowl. It indicates that many new players placing smaller bets were eager to participate in the action of big games. (See Image 1)

More sophisticated betting options, like parlays, are less likely to be used by new bettors. This "new" group will more likely entertain simple bet recommendations versus complex ones like parlays. 

For sportsbooks, most of these "new" players are one and done, but for sportsbook operators who plan accordingly, these new players can be retained, becoming recurring, profitable customers.  

Separately, the Optimove 2023-2024 Report on NFL Wagering found that the top anticipated bet types are point spread (62%), over/under (53%), and money line (46%). Results from that report also reveal that live bets during the game are a common practice, with 61% of respondents engaging in this form of betting.  

Single Bet vs. Multiple Bets Per Game 

When it comes to betting preferences, Optimove data indicates that players tend to favor single bets, and this tendency increases as the Super Bowl approaches. This trend reflects a desire among players for simple versus complex bets as more new players engage in NFL betting.  (See Image 2)

Players Who Place Live Bets, Wager More 

Live bets, bets as a game is in progress, are a significant aspect of sports gaming. The analysis revealed that 82% of players preferred to place their bets on pregame bets over the season, leaving only 18% making live bets. However, the average bet amount for live bets was 1.6 times higher than pregame tickets, indicating that the more seasoned players make these higher wagers. 

About Optimove  

Optimove is the #1 CRM Marketing Solution for the iGaming market. As the first Customer-Led Marketing Platform, its solutions ensure that marketing always starts with the customer instead of a campaign or product. Customer-led marketing has been proven to deliver brands an average increase of 33% in customer lifetime value.     

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Image 1: Average # of Bettors vs. Average Bet Amount Image 2: Players' % of Single vs. Multiple Bets per Game

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