tvScientific and Blockgraph Announce Partnership to Enable First Party Data Activation for Direct-To-Consumer Advertisers

New direct-to-DSP integration will empower marketers to more effectively target and optimize audiences across CTV and linear TV

NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- tvScientific, the performance advertising platform for connected TV (CTV), and Blockgraph, a privacy-focused data collaboration platform, announced today a partnership to facilitate programmatic targeting, measurement, attribution, and optimization across linear and connected TV (CTV). The new collaboration enables tvScientific’s extensive customer base of leading direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands to maximize the value of their robust first party data assets with an emphasis on privacy.

The new partnership will allow marketers and media companies using tvScientific’s performance advertising platform to activate first party programmatic audience campaigns using Blockgraph’s industry-leading identity platform. Data owners will be able to safely and seamlessly deploy their aggregated and de-identified first party data. By incorporating retail data into tvScientific’s CTV targeting and measurement platform, D2C brands can target television advertisements to specific households according to their search, purchase and retail history to drive better campaign performance.

“This new partnership brings together our privacy-enhanced, deterministic household identity solution with tvScientific’s sophisticated demand-side platform,” said Jason Manningham, CEO of Blockgraph. “This collaboration will be particularly valuable to tvScientific’s customers, as they will now be able to apply their first party data assets more effectively and increase the overall ROI for their advertising campaigns.”

Compared to their competitors, D2C brands maintain particularly rich catalogs of first party customer data. D2C brands can apply this data to premium video assets — both linear and CTV — to improve campaign targeting, measurement and optimization. The new partnership between Blockgraph and tvScientific will support inventory both bought and sold programmatically.

“Combining programmatic advertising with premium video is a complex challenge, and it’s becoming more complex with the expanding landscape of services and providers,” said David Koye, co-founder and CPO at tvScientific. “Our new partnership with Blockgraph gives our customers the tools they need to confidently and consistently optimize performance even as campaigns become more complicated. Blockgraph’s privacy-focused identity solution gives our customers the security they need to identify and target new audiences and measure their success.”

Lull, a leading mattress brand, is one of the first director-to-consumer brands to work with Blockgraph and tvScientific and to take advantage of this new partnership. "Using tvScientific’s platform to leverage our first party data has allowed us to unlock an additional channel to retarget our existing leads and customers,” said Sharone Almog, VP Marketing and eCommerce at Lull. “Data drives all of our decisions at Lull, so being able to target unique audiences who we know are interested in our brand has helped us boost campaign performance."

About tvScientific
tvScientific is the most sophisticated performance advertising platform built for connected TV, making TV advertising accessible and measurable for brands and apps of all sizes. tvScientific offers a self-managed solution custom-built for performance marketers, that simplifies and automates TV buying and optimization, leveraging massive data to prove the actual value of TV advertising. The platform reaches 95% of AVOD inventory using proprietary, deterministic ID technology to measure ad exposure to outcome in an approachable, radically transparent and scalable way. An Idealab company, tvScientific was co-founded by senior executives with deep roots in programmatic advertising, digital media, and ad verification. Today, the company continues to make strategic alignments with key players — the most recent being NBCUniversal — to advance CTV performance advertising forward. The company is headquartered in Pasadena, California. For more information, visit

About Blockgraph
Blockgraph is a technology company that makes the future of data-driven TV advertising possible. The world’s leading media, technology, and information services companies collaborate with trusted partners using Blockgraph’s privacy-focused platform to create and implement identity-based targeting and measurement solutions for multiscreen TV advertising. Blockgraph is owned by Charter Communications Inc., Comcast NBCUniversal, and Paramount. For more information, please visit Blockgraph at



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