Optimove Joins the MACH Alliance, Opening a New Category for the Non-Profit

Optimove represents a new category for the MACH Alliance, expanding its scope to ensure it serves the evolving needs of technology buyers

NEW YORK, March 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Optimove, the first Customer-Led Marketing Platform, today announced it has joined the MACH Alliance, the group of independent tech companies dedicated to advocating for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems, as an ISV member. Optimove, the First Customer-Led Marketing platform, represents a new category for the MACH Alliance as it continues to grow and expand to best serve composable technology buyers' needs. Optimove is a recognized leader in retention marketing. Its solutions are proven to increase customer lifetime value, and it is ranked #1 by Gartner for Journey Orchestration among Multichannel Marketing Hubs.  

 MACH Alliance Managing Director Holly Hall said, "Optimove represents a new category for the MACH Alliance as we expand our scope to ensure we're serving the evolving needs of composable technology buyers," said Holly Hall, MD, MACH Alliance. "Their commitment to innovation and excellence aligns perfectly with our mission to advance modern, composable technology solutions. We are thrilled to formally welcome them as a certified member, bringing our membership to a balanced 50/50 North America/Europe representation. And at a time when our research shows US MACH adoption is overtaking Europe for the first time." 

Shai Frank, SVP of Optimove, added, "The MACH Alliance is a boon to tech buyers—and, in Optimove's case, B2C marketing technology leaders, who are increasingly looking at composable solutions. We are honored to be chosen as a member and open a new category for this prestigious alliance."   
About the MACH Alliance 

The MACH Alliance is a [501(c)(6)] non-profit organization governed by an independent board and does not endorse specific vendors, members or otherwise. The Alliance was formed in June 2020 to help enterprise organizations navigate the complex modern technology landscape. It aims to guide and show the business advantage of open tech ecosystems that are Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless. All MACH Alliance members meet certification principles that are published on the website. 

The MACH Alliance welcomes technology companies and individual industry experts who share the same vision for the future. Learn more at machalliance.org, read here about MACH certification and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

About Optimove   

Optimove is the first Customer-Led Marketing Platform. Its solutions ensure that marketing always starts with the customer instead of a campaign or product. Customer-led marketing has been proven to deliver brands an average increase of 33% in customer lifetime value. 

It is the only customer-led marketing platform powered by the combination of 1) rich historical, real-time, and predictive customer data, 2) AI-led multichannel journey orchestration, and 3) statistically credible multitouch attribution of every marketing action.   

In Gartner's 2023 Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs, Optimove was positioned the highest in execution and furthest in vision among Challengers. In Gartner's companion report, it was ranked #1 for Multichannel Marketing Journey Orchestration.   

Optimove provides industry-specific and use-case solutions for hundreds of leading consumer brands. For more information, go to Optimove.com. 


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