Dansons Partners With Blitzz to Launch Live Video Repairs

Dansons uses live video and augmented reality (AR) to service cooking equipment remotely

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blitzz, the app-free mobile video platform for remote customer support, today announced that Dansons, a leading global company specializing in outdoor cooking equipment, will use its live video support technology for quick and easy product repairs.

Dansons is a global leader in outdoor cooking equipment, housing iconic brands like Pit Boss® and Louisiana Grills®. In the past, when customers had issues with their cooking equipment, Dansons would try to troubleshoot the issue over a phone call and then send replacement parts to complete the repair. But phone calls relied on sometimes confusing verbal descriptions, and having to wait days for new parts to arrive in the mail could be frustrating for customers.

With Blitzz’s app-free video support software, a Dansons support agent simply sends a link via SMS text message to a customer. Once clicked, the support agent can instantly see through the customer’s smartphone camera. They can assess the problem and collaborate via an interactive video call without downloading third-party apps like Zoom, Webex, or Teams. Both parties can use AR to draw on the screen in real-time and identify points of interest.

“When you’re grilling and your cooking equipment isn’t working the way it should, it can really put a damper on things. We believe our customers deserve a top-of-the-line experience whenever they need our help with a product, and video allows us to deliver that,” said Matt Greene, VP of Customer Care at Dansons. “Blitzz helps us get eyes on problems that customers don’t always know how to describe. With warmer weather on the way and grilling season gearing up, we’re poised to solve issues fast so that our customers can get back to cooking and spending time with their friends and family.”

Blitzz provides the following benefits for Dansons and its customers…

  • Lower operating costs: Sending fewer replacement parts reduces operational expenditures for Dansons.
  • No waiting around: Nobody wants to wait for assistance mid-meal prep. With live video, customers get help in the moment so they can get back to grilling fast.
  • Fewer callbacks: Dansons is now able to fix problems the first time a customer reaches out for assistance.
  • Faster repairs: Video takes guesswork out of identifying and solving issues, so average call time is reduced and problems are fixed with less back and forth.

“Blitzz provides a fast and easy way to identify equipment issues and fix them on the spot,” said Rama Sreenivasan, Founder and CEO of Blitzz. “Blitzz is taking Danson’s already stellar customer service to the next level, addressing any issues quickly so customers can keep their grills running smoothly.”

For more information about Blitzz, visit www.blitzz.co.

For more information about Dansons, visit www.dansons.com.

About Blitzz
Blitzz is an ingenious app-free way to let remote technicians and support agents troubleshoot problems by seeing through an onsite smartphone camera: The technician or support agent texts a link, the customer clicks it, and then both are looking through the camera together. Blitzz helps companies save time and money by empowering customer support, field service and sales teams to get technical troubleshooting, inspection, audits, insurance claims, maintenance, and more done faster and safer. It facilitates millions of minutes of video monthly across a range of industries, including telecommunications, automotive, construction, power and utilities, insurance, and more. For more information about Blitzz, visit www.blitzz.co.

About Dansons
Dansons is a company built on family values and is committed to delivering superior results with uncompromising integrity and reinvesting in those in need. Dansons is a global consumer goods corporation headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company is proudly family-founded and led by Dan Thiessen, Jeff Thiessen, and Jordan Thiessen. The company started in 1999 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company's product and brand portfolio serve multiple customer segments including pellet, charcoal, and gas grills and smokers, and pellet-fuel, along with grilling accessories, spices and sauces, apparel, camping gear and more. Their iconic brands include industry leading grill brands - Pit Boss® and Louisiana Grills® - among others, and high-quality gun safes through its Surelock® brand of products.

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