Tvbeat Adopts Blockgraph to Power Programmatic Execution for Audience-Based Linear TV Advertising

Combined technologies enhance the value of linear TV advertising and propel industry toward a privacy-first data-powered future

NEW YORK, May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blockgraph, a leading privacy-centric identity and data collaboration platform designed to fuel the future of connected TV advertising, today announced it will partner with tvbeat, a leading provider of campaign planning technology and optimization applications for media companies, to improve monetization of linear TV inventory. The new collaboration brings together Blockgraph’s scaled household identity framework and tvbeat’s capabilities to activate first- and third party data for planning, forecasting, and optimizing video-based advertising campaigns. The combined technologies allow advertisers to buy Blockgraph-enabled linear advertising inventory programmatically, providing more monetization opportunities for audience-based advertising campaigns.

While streaming services continue to gain traction, linear TV still represents a considerable portion of time spent watching video content. Nielsen reported that linear represented a 50.8% share of total video content viewing as of March 2024. MVPDs and programmers can now further leverage their linear TV inventory and make it available programmatically — supported by precise and cohesive audience targeting, measurement, and attribution.

The agreement between Blockgraph, recently recognized as a Top Programmatic Power Player by AdExchanger, and tvbeat allows MVPDs and programmers to benefit from tvbeat’s advanced advertising capabilities while also applying robust data security and privacy protections. Taking advantage of record-level reporting and matching, users can now confidently plan, execute, and measure their audience-based programmatic linear TV campaigns, improving results and driving more value from their inventory. “Our partnership with tvbeat is a testament to our commitment to innovative, data-driven TV advertising and privacy-centric data collaboration,” commented Jason Manningham, CEO of Blockgraph. “Leveraging our two technologies, MVPDs and programmers can adhere to their privacy commitments while also maintaining greater control over their data, fueling more innovation in linear TV, the longstanding stalwart of premium video.”

“Blockgraph has established an important network effect across leading MVPDs and programmers, as well as their advertising ecosystem partners,” said Robert Farazin, co-founder and CEO of tvbeat. “We are confident that this new partnership will benefit the market by delivering time- and cost-efficient audience matching and, in turn, power better campaign measurement and attribution for linear TV.”

About Blockgraph
Blockgraph is a leading privacy-centric identity and data collaboration platform designed to fuel the future of connected TV advertising. The world’s leading media, technology, and information services companies collaborate with trusted partners using Blockgraph’s privacy-focused platform to create and implement identity-based targeting and measurement solutions for multiscreen TV advertising. Blockgraph is owned by Charter Communications Inc., Comcast NBCUniversal, and Paramount. For more information, please visit Blockgraph at

About tvbeat
Established in 2012, tvbeat helps the TV advertising industry overcome the challenge of declining linear viewership as consumers embrace more streaming video, by enabling a unified, data-driven optimization of TV, CTV and streaming video campaigns. By offering an intelligent approach that activates existing data sources and systems; tvbeat unifies, amplifies and automates key sales-side and buy-side capabilities to streamline time to market, generate operational efficiencies, and deliver incremental business results. Active across three continents, tvbeat is proud to partner with leading global TV players such as Sky Media Group and Canal+. For more information, please visit

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